How to chek if a website is safe and genuine

I always had a question if a website i am using for purchasing some item/service or subscribing for feeds/regular updates is safe to use.

So before i go ahead with using a website , i check the below info and would suggest the same to you

1. Check a few user reviews on google.

--->I just type the website name and type scam beside it. Like scam

This will give a lot of user reviews and you can get good idea about the website.

---> I again search for cheating or sucks on google and check about the website reputation.

2. Check out the macfee site report for the website at . You can type in the view site report box and check if its green and what are the websites thats its linked to. This will give you a clear picture as to what are the other websites it is related.

3. Check out website ranking to get an idea about the popularity of the website.

The above points should give a good idea about the website you are going to use.

Hope this helps. Leavee a comment if you need info or have inputs.

Tips and Formalities for creating a website in India

Refistering a company :

If you are creating a website/blog and earning from it through adds from advertising networks like Google Adsense,Kontera, Infolinks or Chitika you dont need to register your company.

If you want to earn from your website based on products/other sources than adnetworks you would probably receive checks/DDs and generally Brands would prefer to be associated with Registered Companies than individuals. In case you want to earn by selling add blocks on your website, a company willing to display their adds on your website would like to write a check to a registered company than an individual.

Also if you register your website you have an option of showing your investing in your tax statments(Form 16) for receiving tax benifit.

So the easielt way to register your venture is Sole Propreitary ownership. I did a bit of research and i heard it will cost you max 2-3 K.

If you want to register your venture as a business it will cost you 20-30K and you would need office space/min 1 lakh investment and lot of other headaches.

Check the indian government official website for more info below : Official website article on Sole propreitershiop

And you will also need a savings/current account which you need to open by providing the sole propreitery ship registration document. You need to make all your transactions through this account for clarity in records.

If you need more info leave a comment and i will respond.

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Also you need to do SEO for better traffic

Chitika Cofounded by Venkat Kolluri of Indian Origin is one among the biggest Internet Advertising Agencies.

While i was on the lookout for some advertising networks to use on my blog i came across Chitika.

I checked that Chitika is cofounded by Venkat Kolluri hailing from Andhra Pradesh and Chitika means “snap of the fingers” in Telugu (a South Indian language).

Chitika introduced its online-ads service in January, 2004 currently ranks among top 50 Advertising Networks.
Check out the list at : Top 50 Ad Networks To Explore - Website Magazine - Website Magazine

Well if any one from India/Andhrapradesh wants an inspiration for making it big in the Online industry Chitika and Venkat Kolluri are there for you.

Check out the wikipedia article about Chitika : Chitika Article

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India, China and Brazil to be the future Growt Drivers for Internet Admarket

Yes India, China and Brazil to the future Growth Drivers for Internet Ad market as per the below article. And Asia Pacific as a whole will drive the Internet Advertising Market growth. I think Russia should also be included in this list.

I keep checking audience for my blog and its mostly from Asia Pacific, Russia. A few visitors from Brazil and China.

It is Obvious because the growth story and the rise of these 3 counties are the countries as good and strong economies well known. So i guess this is something to Cheer about for those bloggers and webmasters from India who are frustrated with the lack of good local advertising options. Well if the market is growing, it means the companies will also come up targeting these markets.

Read more at : Asia-Pacific Ad Market to Surpass All Others - Website Magazine - Website Magazine

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How to check if some one has coppied the content on your website/blog

Well i guess its common logic that bloggers/websites generally copy parts of content they find on the net and display them as their own. If you want to know who has coppied your article, you can do it now.

Copyscape is a website which provides such service. What it does is it scans the sentenses/words in your article and scans the google results for the sentence/words combination and displays the results.

This way you can find out who is stealing your content and take action against them or atleast ask them to acknowledge your article as your source. This is good of getting back links and traffic to you site.

Link for copyscape :

Check out the wikipedia article on copyscape : Wikipedia article

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Top 50 Ad Networks worth trying

Ofcourse Google Adsense tops them all but it is difficult to abide by their terms and conditions if you are expressing your point of view on subjects like my blog. No offense though they have to cope with their own legal issues.

I have tried Adbrite,infolinks and Chitika and am planing to try out which looks to be providing good context/country sensitive adds which is what every one would like and Clicksor which provides innovative adds which are more appealing to your website visitors.

My personnel experience :
Chitika is for those who have more traffic coming from search engines.

Clicksor is for those who have traffic that doesnt come from search engines but from alternate ways. Clicksor also has intext ads option like kontera and infolinks.

Both clicksor and chitika can work well with other add networks.

Adbrite seems to have a Ad market place which works if you have reasonable site traffic. also comes in this catogery.

Kontera and Infolinks are specilists in intext advertising. They can also be used with other advertisers like clicksor,chitika adsense and adbrite. The problem with intext advertising is they are very annoying popup ads which irritate users. and no body wants to click them.

Flooding your website with too much adverts will slow it down. So check for the best advertising option and stick with it for some time. If it works well stick to it else move on to the other one. I am currently trying out clicksor.

Check out the below article which provide list of top50 Ad networks to explore provided by
Top 50 Ad Networks To Explore - Website Magazine - Website Magazine
This Top50 lift is above is a good way to familiarize yourself with the top Advertising jaints.

And how do you pick up the best. Trying them out is the best thing. Some Add companies work well for some publishers and some dont. You got to pick the one that works for you. Just try the out for 1000 ad impressions this give you an idea of the add network's compatibility with your website. Intext adnetwork. Looks good for indian Bloggers/webmasters

I have recently stubleled in through my google search and found intext adds being displayed on the website and found that this were from

I already knew of infolinks but i didnt knkow that also provides similar services. What was more intresting was adds were more context sensitive and had more adds relavent to indian audience.

Check out the below link for the Publisher Products provided by

Whats more intresting is that it also provides text,image,video and Grid add blocks with intext integrating. Infolinks only provides text adds. I think the video adds is a good innovation and will cath the viewers attention providing in more clicks.


You can know the most clicked kontera keywords as well and write your blof posts to contain atleast one of them.
Click to find the list of Kontera top keywords

So i researched a bit and found that is in business for long time and is trustworthy and they also pay out through paypal and website mentions 70% revenue sharing and this was also among one of the top 50 ad networks as per websitemagazine.

It also provides blogger integration in an easy way. Also this can be used along with google Adsense and other banner add services.

I think this would be very helpfull for indian bloggers who are looking for relavent context sensitive adds.

Advertising on your Blogger Blog with Infolinks

Infolinks is a advertising platform for publishers. And this works well with Blogger Blogs.
I am using it on my blog.

It provides intext ads. Once you enable infolinks on you blog, some high value words in your blog will be underlined and when ever a blog reader scrols his mouse on that key word, a small pops up and will an dvertisement will displayed. If the users click it, they will be redirected and you will earn for that click.

To enable it, you need to
1. Have good content on your blog. At least 15-20 articles.
2.Go to and register there and get the integration script and place it on your Blog.
3. I think they will give a small code which you need to copy paste in your blog template towards the bottom of your template before </HTML> (I dont exactly remember. Its clearly mentioned on the website though)
4. They will take a few days to go though your blog content before approving your request.
5. Once your account is approved, you can go to integration page on infolinks. you have an option to integrate infolinks with your blogger blog directly from there and its easy.

or  you can do it yourself.

**go to your Blogger Design page.
**Click "Add a gadget" and scroll down a little and add "HTML/Java Script" gadget.
** paste the infolinks code there and save it.

Infolinks ads will start showing after 24 hours.

You can use papal as payment menthod. I havent earned till now from Infolinks though.

If anyone earned money or have a better advertising option, please leave a comment

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Top 50 Advertisng networks worth trying
Chitika Ad network started by an Indian Makes it Big

how to shorten long url links

Is your webpage link too long for you to remember?
unable to remember a long url or webpage link?

try the new google URL shortener:

(No signin required)

this will help you shorten the long URL link to short ones. This will be a help tool to bloggers and webmasters i think and to share links on twitter/facebook, Orkut etc.

I guess this will help google to keep a track of most visited pages/content which data may be usefull for adsense and adword services

How to categorize articles on a blog

You Can use the Labels option to categorize your blog posts.

From your Blogger dashboard/home page click on Edit Posts :

Select the Blog posts you want to be under a label.

Click on New Label from Label actions

Name your label and save It. This will create a new Label with the selected Blog posts.

Then go to Design Page :

Click on Add a Gadget in the Design Page:

Scroll Down a bit and select the Labels Gadget and click the + button and add the gadget to your blog.

Save the changes and enjoy.

You will be able to see the changes on your blog. You can also change where these labels gadget are displayed in the Gadget bar just by using Drag/Drop operations in the design page.

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how to submit your site to google search or yahoo search

Link to submit a blog/website to google :

Link to submit to yahoo :

Link to submit your site/blog to bing :

It will take from a week to 10 days for your site to start showing up in the search results.
check the below link for more info :
Also check out all about Creating a website/Blog

Also checkout:
How to create your own Website/blog
Top 50 Ad Networks worth trying for your blog/website
Chitika Cofounded by Venkat Kolluri of Indian Origin is one among the biggest Internet Advertising Agencies. Intext adnetwork. Looks good for indian Bloggers/webmasters
Advertising on your Blogger Blog with Infolinks
How to create custome blog banners on blogspot/

SPAM Email asking for email Google ID,password and other details to verify your account Information

If you are getting the email which looks like this, just ignore it. This is a Pishing SPAM.

"Due to anonymous registration of our email service, We have detected that your account information on our database is out of date, as a result of that we request that you verify your account Information by filling the details as requested below. Failure to verify your information will result in account suspension.


Do not reply to these mails. This is Pishing Scam to hack your account.

Check the below link from google help forums for more info :

Currency trading in India

Currency/Forex trading in India is not so easy.

The only currency pair allowed for trading is Rupee/US Dollar pair but you need to make a minimum investment of 1000 USD. SO that comes around 45000 roughly. You can only trade in multiples of 1000 US only.

I think this much of initial investment leaves out most of the middle class investors out.

Reliancemoney, ICICI Direct, Kotak Securities, Alpari are some companies that i know which offer Currency trading in India.

I heard that almost all the Demat account offering companies also provide Forex trading in one way or the other.

You can open a demo account as well but no  one knows how good are these demo accounts
You can try below link  for openings a demo account.

It is best to stick to Stock market for now.

Changing the design of your Blogger Blog

Follow the below steps for editing the format/design of Posts on Blogger

1. Login to Blogger Dashboard and click on DESIGN of the Blog.

2. This will take you to the design page of your blog shown below.

Here you can make any changes you need to the blog template like
Add additional text to the header of your blog by clicking the Edit button on Header.

* Add more Gadgets, removing the existing Gadgets and aligning Gadgets. You can search from a huge list of Gadgets by clicking on Add a Gadget as highlighted below.

You can also change the way your blog posts are displayed to your viewers.
To do this click on the Edit button at the button of the Blog Post as shown below.

This will take you to the below screen. You can remove/add the required options form hear by clicking on them.

You can remove the Sharing Options or posting options from hear. Once done save the changes and enjoy.

Rediff Mypage review

I recently received a mail invite from a friend to join Rediff Mypage.

I checked out and found that this is similar to Facebook,Orkut and others.
In addition to being a social networking site it also provide the option of integrating Facebook,Orkut,Twitter and Linkedin under one umbrella with ability to view and post on these social networking sites and so I gave it a try.

The concept looked very good but the implementations isnt that good.
Facebook Integration:
The integration with facebook i weired. I am seeing updates from people i dont know after i allowed Rediffmypage to integrate with Facebook. but the posts were posted to the Facebook correctly.

Orkut Integration :
i was prompted for my Gmail credentials and then it took me to Google accounts dashboard. I clicked on Orkut from there and i got a message Orkut cannot be displayed in a frame.

Twitter Integration::
Twitter integration went well and fast enough.

Linkedin Integration :
I gave my login credentials and it said connecting and it got stuck there.

In theory the Rediff Mypage concept looks good but In implementation its not working that well.

Lets hope they fix these bugs. If the social networking integration works out fine, then Rediff Mypage will be a hit. but for now i think it has got a long way to go and perhaps it may have been released prematurely.

Still checking out for more news on Rediff Mypage. Will keep this space updated.

Rediff has also come up with a blogging platform i i tried it out. My Blog is : . I am happy that Rediff  has ventured in to this market as competition is always health for any industry.

But i personally feel that is more appealing than looks more like a web page link than the homepage of a blog or website.

How to change the YouTube language from Hindi (or any other language) to English.

For some reason YouTube was showing up in Hindi.

As always i googled on how to change the YouTube display language to English

I found that at the bottom of the YOUTUBE homepage there is an option for this.

You will find the below text towards the bottom of YOUTUBE home page. भाषा: हिन्दी

Click on the हिन्दी button and it will display the available languages. Click on the required language and this will display YouTube in the language of your liking.



SNAPDEAL is actually a site which offers you discounted deals in Food joints, restaurants, multiplexes, and other businesses in Indian cities. I think it has a good reach in Metros.

SnapDeal is a venture by Jasper, a leading marketing company from India.

From my opinion, you can check out the deals available on SNAPDEAL.COM and do a bit of local research to check if the hotels/products listed on are Good before trying out the discounted coupons available on SNAPDEAL.COM.

I just checked out the Hyderabad Page to see what it has to offer in Hyderabad. The one thing that appealed to me was the 40 percent off on the newly launched XTRAICE ice skating arena in IMAX Hyderabad.

I think it will serve as a good advertising platform for new businesses and companies in India. They can offer discounts on and get brandawarness for their brands.

You can signup to Snapdeal through link : SNAPDEAL

Adding a Youtube Video on Blogspot/blogger posts

I was checking out if by any chance we can add YouTube videos to Blogger. Yes you can.

I did a google search and found the below video which shows how we can upload videos from you tube on to your Blogger/Blogspot Blogs.

If you have any more queries, just leave me a comment.

I acknowledge that i have used the above video from YouTube which is created by crusher1150. Please leave a comment for any queries regarding this.

How to Backup your blog.

I think every blogger who created a blog will have the below query.

How do i backup/import/export/delete my blog. on blogspot.

Follow the below steps :

1. Login to Blogger.
2. Click on the Settings of the your Blog from Dashboard as below.

3. You will be directed to the below Basic Settings Screen.

There is an option to Import,Export or Delete your Blog.

4. Click on Export Blog and this will import the blog as an XML file to the location you specify on your PC. (You can also delete youe Blog by using the Delete Blog Option here)

5. You can import the Blog on your own blog if you need or can import this blog data to a new blog on Blogger.

I have tried restoring the backedup XML file on a different blogspot blog and it worked fine.

There is also an option to delete the blog in the above screen. A deleted blog can be restored within 90 days if you change your mind. It will still show in your Blogger dashboard with an option which says Undelete the blog.

If you have any doubt post a comment and i will respond.

Book reviews The River Sutra, Holy Grail Holy Blood, Angels And Demons, Harry Potter, The Lost Symbol

I wanted to share my thoughts of some of the interesting books i read.

The one that i liked  most and which had me engrossed through out my reading was :

The River Sutra(Fiction) - by Gita Mehta

This Book i a recollection of memories by an old Government officer who is the In charge of a Guesthouse on the Banks of the river Narmada. He encounters many interesting people during his stay at the guest house and this book is the recollection of all the people he comes across and their lives that get intervened with river Narmada.

I admired the author for her great story telling skills.

This is a beautifully narrated story and it a touch of the contemporary , the old fashioned and the mythological India.

You will read of a Rich man turn in to a monk, of the mythological background and the rich heritage of river Narmada, the story of a Bandit. of a wise Fakir and much more. It a must read book.

I was reading a novel after many years and this book made me want to read more. My Brother is a big Harry potter Fan and he completed the Harry potter series around the same time. He already told me about the the harry potter books but we didn't discuss much about the last edition "Deathly Hallows" as he completed it very recently.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows :

It might sound funny but i only read the last book in thee series The Deathly Hallows.

Yes it is a very interesting book and i loved reading it. It brought back my child hood memories when i used to believe in Magic, Witches Magic doorways and secret passages and magical creatures.

Harry potter finally conquers all the hurdles and frees the Magical world from the Evil villain "He Who Must not be named".

In the book Voldimort the villain is never called by his name in fear of being punished. Harry potter is left with a Herculean task of finding and destroying Voldimorts Horcruxes which is the only way of killing Voldimort. Harry, Hermoini and Ron set out with this task. Its a must read book.

After i completed Harry potter , i had a feeling i was missing something that my life has become very bland no magical spells, no teleports and no magic brooms.

Then i found the book Holy Grail Holy Blood which to some extent filled the void as it delves in to a topic of ancient history and talks of kings and kingdoms and secret societies and their survival through the centuries.

Holy Grail Holy Blood :
Holy Grail is a topic that has been centre of many controversies. Holy Blood refers to the Blood line of Jesus.
This is not actually a novel but a compilation of findings and proofs found by a group of researchers that take up .

The Authors research is mostly on the two things which the name of the book describes. Holy Grail and Holy Blood. It covers a lot of controversial topics about the life of Jesus like His Crucifixion, Resurrection, His Blood Line, The Cross,  and what actually is "Holy Grail" and various Secret societies.

This also helped me understand a few things about the sacredness of Jerusalem and why is it so Important for Jews and Christians.

This book has been very well narrated leading to the final conclusion. I saw the move Davinci Code around that time and came across Angels and Demons by the same author.

Angels And Demons (Fiction):

This is one of the adventures of Robert Langdon, professor of religious iconology and symbology at Harvard Universityprofessor of religious iconology and symbology at Harvard University and he is requested to decrypt the religious sysmbols that a killer leaves on a Famous CERN scientist. The story unfolds form there and takes many twists and turns and takes Robert Langdon to Vatican city and discover most startling facts and mystery behind the death of the four possible candidates to become POPE. I wouldn't want to narrate the whole story as the book is very interesting it would be a good read.

The narration is very good and it has an element of mystery.

The Lost Symbol :

The Name of the Novel and author promised a lot but i did not like it as much as i liked Angels And Demons. I guess to much of the anything is not good. It has Robert Longdon in it and he is trying to solve mysteries and puzzels to save lives but still it is not so involving for me. I did not give me the kick i got out of reading Angels and Demons.

I didn't complete this book as i lost interest mid way and took a break from book reading after that.

I heard Chetan Bhagats Books make a good reading.

Below is the list of Chetan Bhagats books:

Five Point Someone – What not to do at IIT!
One Night @ the Call Center
The 3 Mistakes of My Life
2 States: The Story of My Marriage

I did a bit of reaserch and i found that below are the books that might intrest you if you are a Harrypotter Fan :

A Wrinkle in Time

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

A Wizard of Earthsea

The Alchemyst

The Magician’s Guild by Trudy Cananvan

Michael Reaves books

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1)

His Dark Materials

Big Tree of Bunlahy: Stories of My Own Countryside

I acknoledge that wikipedia is the source of some of the information that i posted

The NIIT Course. NIIT profile

From my past memory i remember that NIIT is a very credible institute which provides a these service. Earlier there was a program which would train students in all the top technologies and then would provide a placement service through their recruitment partners and they have Good base of companies who come to recruit at the NIIT.

I enquired today and i heard that they have discontinued the Earlier course which encompassed all the technologies. They now have two course types. One would cover the DOTNET domain and the other would cover the Java Domain. its a 4 month course with certification included and it would cost around 29000/-.

NIIT also provides SAP certification courses in partnership with SAP Labs.

NIIT is now an SAP partner and will be providing Long/short duration courses and also courses on new dimension products. They are also providing Online SAP Education programs.

This partnership means that NIIT has one more hot technology added to it broad Spectrum of course offerings and SAP is now deepening its roots in ASIA Pacific which is a growing market. SAP Education also contributes to SAP overall revenues.

NIIT phone number :040-66747796

I hope this helps the IT Job aspirants and the panicking parents of the freshers :)

I just checked the NIIT site and i found out that they operate in lot of countries apart from INDIA.
Some countries include China,USA,Ghana,Fiji, Zimbabwe, Iran. They don't seem to be having a branch in Pakistan though :).

Rajendra S Pawar,is Chairman and co-founder of the NIIT Group
NIIT - National institute of information Technology

Funny i never thought stock market analysis website like Money control would provide such detailed info. perhaps it provides company profiles of all the Companies listed on stock market.

Errors with Yahoo mail. Try the new yahoo mail

I had recently being facing problems while opening mails in inbox with yahoo mail

I kept encountering errors ( Error Code 21) while trying to open the items in my yahoo mail inbox or move the items to a different folder.

I tried to search on yahoo for a problem but i could not find any. I found that there was a new yahoo mail version available.

I tried it and this resolved the issue. This is also very easy to use. Much better that the older version.
The interface was really good. And its very lite as well. The load time was really fast compared to the older version You can use shift+down button for selecting multiple mails to move or delete them. It looked more like the MS Outlook.

HUAWEI IDEOS cheap 3g Android phone to be launched in india soon

If you are looking for a cheap  smart phone with Android OS,WI-FI,3G and touchscreen then HUAWEI IDEOS which is going to hit Indian markets soon will be the most affordable phone.
HUAWEI IDEOS cheap 3g phone with Android OS to be launched in India soon. Read more at : Huawei IDEOS official website

CLikc Link for HUAWEI IDEOS Preview

Huawei Ideos release date in india is tentively fixed as Decenber End. They have been postponing it regularly.

Samsung star nano is also a good low cost phone. this costs around 7500. But doesn't have Wifi.
Check out Specifications at Samsung official site : Star Nano .

Samsung Corby Pro- has 3G and WIFI . Costs around : 11K
Check out Corby pro at : Corby Pro Specifications at SAMSUNG official website

Nokia X6 8GB costs around 14500/- its got Wifi,3G and more. You can checkout : Nokia X6

Latest addition to the cheap 3g phones list : SAMSUNG GALAXY POP and SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT. The cost around 10000/- and have all the features you need. They both differ in the screen size and processing speed. Otherwise they are the same. But both are good.

wondering What is Android?

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google and is based upon a modified version of the Linux kernel

what is 3G?

International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT--2000) known as 3G or 3rd Generation, is a generation of standards for mobile phones and mobile telecommunications services fulfilling specifications by the International Telecommunication Union.[1] Application services include wide-area wireless voice telephone, mobile Internet access, video calls and mobile TV, all in a mobile environment. Compared to the older 2G and 2.5G standards, a 3G system must allow simultaneous use of speech and data services, and provide peak data rates of at least 200 kbit/s according to the IMT-2000 specification. Recent 3G releases, often denoted 3.5G and 3.75G, also provide mobile broadband access of several Mbit/s to laptop computers and smart phones.
More info at :

The above info is derived from Wikipedia

How to create your own Website

First of all let me tell you how much my Blog cost me. Its hosted for free on Blogger (a Blog Platform by google).

My blog URL initially was and i wanted give it a domain name of my own , so i spent Rs 199/- (4$) for getting the website name : This fees is for ownership of the domain name for 1 year.

Now lets drill down in to the topic of website building in detail.

Some of you may be having the following questions.

How to create a free website?
How much does it cost to create a website?
Do I need a server to host my website? And do I need programming knowledge to create my website?

You should consider the below things first while creating the website: 
Domain Name   
A domain Name like to identify your website on World Wide Web . You should  ideally  choose a domain name that's catchy and which can be easily identified with the theme of  your  website.
You need to register your website Domain name with a Domain registrars. Generally this will cost you around 400 to 600 Rs based on the domain extensions like .com/.net/.org/.in.  The pricing  varies from company to company. ICANN is the organisation that certifies these registrars.

You can find information about the certified Domain registrars at :
 ICANN Accredited Domain registrars.
Hosting the Website
If you website content is confidential or is sensitive it is better you host your website on you personnel web server. You can use services of a web hosting companies like Godaddy is my prefered website registrar. After i tried a few and finally settled on godaddy for their plans and service.

you create a lot of subdomains like They also offer free 1 GB email hosting. This enables you to create your mail ID like

Often the Domain Name registrars will also provide hosting services. It is always better to register and host a domain with the same Service provider. The main thing you need to check hear is if the hosting company you have chosen is known for providing support services as there will always be minor issue with hosting a website continually. It is always good to do a little bit of research (just Google for user reviews on the respective web hosting companies) before you proceed with entering a hosting agreement. The hosting providers I listed seem to be safe options from the little research I have done.

There are two types of hosting plans which every hosting company provides.
Shared hosting and Dedicated hosting.

A minimal Shared hosting package will cost you around 2500/rs (55$) per year. You can also try out a package for 3 months.

You can use both windows and Linux platforms but Linux will cost you less and you don't need any Linux knowledge to host your website on a Linux platform. You just need to know how to upload and download files to ftp server.

I created a html website and all i did was buy a Linux hosting and upload all my html pages to the ftp server and get my website going. You can also user Joomla,drupal , wordpress and other content management soft wares for developing your website but they generate database pages and they are not static pages like html pages. Html pages always rank higher in the search engine rankings.

My personnel preference is
Initially i have taken a 3 month hosting with godaddy and i got a free google adwords and facebook advertising coupon for advertisng my website. This will help you gain some internet presense for your website for free. Also the 3 month plan just costs around 230 rs. You will also get a good discount on yearly subscription. Also you can install a lot of content management tools like wordpress,jomla,drupal etc which help creating websites easily. The linux hosting plans have a good user interface and you dont need any linux knowledge.

Later i liked the service and have taken a 1 year hosting plan for hosting my website :

Theme, Look and content of the website
This is the most important part of creating a website. Your website should feel good for the average visitor. It should not be overly crowed with tabs, pop ups preferably it’s better not to have bright backgrounds. If your website is hosted with a web hosting provider, they will provide a variety of themes. You can choose from them based on your requirement.
You should make sure that the content on your website is unique and should. You need to spend quality time creating your website. You can make use of Content management softwares like Joomla, Drupal, wordpress,Modx, DotnetNuke, ZENCArT etc.

You can use zencart software for creating an online store and you also need a current account and use services of icici bank/ccavenue or others to integrate credit/debit card processing.
MOst of the webhosting companies provide zencart installation freely when you buy a hosting plan.

Looking to create a free website??

You can try Google's free web sites. Google hosts your websites for free. Your website will be created at<YOUR WEBSITE NAME>.

If you already have a domain name you would need to create a CNAME and direct it to your website.

Devhub also provides similar services and it’s worth a try. You can either create a free website on DEVHUB which will look like or use DEVHUB hosting service for hosting your existing Domain name.

Freely hosted Blogs:
You can also try the wordpress blog or the blogger platform by google. Wordpress does not allow advertising on the free blogs but it is one of the mostly used blogging platforms due to its customizability.

On Blogger blogs you can advertise with google adsense. Blogger also provides your incoming traffic stats. You can also use the google webmasters tool to review how your blog/website is indexed.

A free blogger blog would be like
A free wordpress blog would look like <blogname>
You can also try the livejournal.

You also have an option of pointing your blogger or wordpress blog to your own domain name to give your blog a more professional feel.

If you are going the blog way, my suggestion would be start with a free blog and then if you thing you want to really do it, then go for a personnel domain name and host your blog on it.

If you want your blog/website to be displayed on google search, add your URL at :

If you scratching your head on what to write in your blog, check out My Blogging inspirations :

Check out Blogging Tips for more info on how to popularise your blog.

Add revenue from website

If you are planing to create website and generate some revenue from ads its not going so easy because your site viewers need to click on the advertisements and how often do you click on an add displayed on a website? You can also try impression adds but the payout is not the greatest.
Unless you create interesting and unique content you wont probably pull your average viewer back to your website.

This is where the difference between a Blog and a website is evident. You can use the full page size for advertising if you are creating a website with HTML.

If its a blog there are a lot of limitations.

If you are using Blogger platform and you get your Google adsense account approved you can put google adsense adds on your blog. But if you want to put adds from Adbrite , clicksor or others then you need to spend some time in getting them to work correctly. But its a lot easier to simply add the code to html pages that to a blog. But Blogs give you another advantage that you can immediately post your new ideas on your blog without having to spend lot of time formatting your content using the html tags and other syntax.

Best Blog Awards:
Yes blogging organisation awards best blogs in various categories.
There is also an Indian organisation indibloggies which gives awards for best Indian blogs.

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