Kontera.com Intext adnetwork. Looks good for indian Bloggers/webmasters

I have recently stubleled in indiabike.com through my google search and found intext adds being displayed on the website and found that this were from Kontera.com.

I already knew of infolinks but i didnt knkow that kontera.com also provides similar services. What was more intresting was kontera.com adds were more context sensitive and had more adds relavent to indian audience.

Check out the below link for the Publisher Products provided by Kontera.com:

Whats more intresting is that it also provides text,image,video and Grid add blocks with intext integrating. Infolinks only provides text adds. I think the video adds is a good innovation and will cath the viewers attention providing in more clicks.


You can know the most clicked kontera keywords as well and write your blof posts to contain atleast one of them.
Click to find the list of Kontera top keywords

So i researched a bit and found that kontera.com is in business for long time and is trustworthy and they also pay out through paypal and website mentions 70% revenue sharing and this was also among one of the top 50 ad networks as per websitemagazine.

It also provides blogger integration in an easy way. Also this can be used along with google Adsense and other banner add services.

I think this would be very helpfull for indian bloggers who are looking for relavent context sensitive adds.

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