The India China Realationship

It pains me to see both ancient neighbours at logger heads.
It partly stems from China's desire to claim its sovereignty over Tibet, arunachal and other regions. Its not as if India is the only country complaining. South china sea is another example.

India cannot and will not agree to Chines claims of its territory. Both countries use tools at their disposal to put pressure on others. And Indian citizens are doing or trying to do their bit.

Hope china and India can be friends some day as it has been ages ago. China has to do more to remove distrust from Indians minds.

Muscle power and military might will not work in today's world. China tried it already in 1960 already and had to beat retreat due to US intervention ans supply chain problems.

Its best to solve problems bilaterally than involve other parties like Pakistan or US. But China's support compel ls India to involve other player's as well. Lets see if china takes any reassuring steps for India to follow suite. I am saying this because China has been the aggressor in 1962 and also recently by trying to arm India's enemies.