I recently read an article in Wall Street journal which made me think of the something we generally do not notice.

A year before the elections Start:

1. The government starts to push good economic reforms which will create more jobs and also improve the stock market.

2. Implement important schemes which help the poor.

3. Appease minorities by implementing schemes favourable to them.

4 Try to take actions that show it is working to protect national integrity.

5. Take some decisions which will look like putting the country on international stage.

6. All of a sudden the government departments remember their duties and will work very affectively. Ofcource you cannot blame a caged parrot for obeying its master.

You can already see a few signs of these if you look at the recent media coverage.

why is this done :

Because we draw our conclusions based on  our most recent thoughts. So they are trying to create a pro government mindset.

I am not saying it's wrong. I just hope people get the big picture and think of the whole 5 years than make decisions based on the last 1 year performance.


Unknown said...

so true > these politicians think that we the Aam Adami is a fool. We need to show them that we are not .

nachu0205 said...

May I add to this? Additionally, the ruling party starts calling opposition leaders & parties as traitors, extremists, communal, terrorists etc and tries to confuse the people as far as possible.