Rediff Mypage review

I recently received a mail invite from a friend to join Rediff Mypage.

I checked out and found that this is similar to Facebook,Orkut and others.
In addition to being a social networking site it also provide the option of integrating Facebook,Orkut,Twitter and Linkedin under one umbrella with ability to view and post on these social networking sites and so I gave it a try.

The concept looked very good but the implementations isnt that good.
Facebook Integration:
The integration with facebook i weired. I am seeing updates from people i dont know after i allowed Rediffmypage to integrate with Facebook. but the posts were posted to the Facebook correctly.

Orkut Integration :
i was prompted for my Gmail credentials and then it took me to Google accounts dashboard. I clicked on Orkut from there and i got a message Orkut cannot be displayed in a frame.

Twitter Integration::
Twitter integration went well and fast enough.

Linkedin Integration :
I gave my login credentials and it said connecting and it got stuck there.

In theory the Rediff Mypage concept looks good but In implementation its not working that well.

Lets hope they fix these bugs. If the social networking integration works out fine, then Rediff Mypage will be a hit. but for now i think it has got a long way to go and perhaps it may have been released prematurely.

Still checking out for more news on Rediff Mypage. Will keep this space updated.

Rediff has also come up with a blogging platform i i tried it out. My Blog is : . I am happy that Rediff  has ventured in to this market as competition is always health for any industry.

But i personally feel that is more appealing than looks more like a web page link than the homepage of a blog or website.

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