Tips and Formalities for creating a website in India

Refistering a company :

If you are creating a website/blog and earning from it through adds from advertising networks like Google Adsense,Kontera, Infolinks or Chitika you dont need to register your company.

If you want to earn from your website based on products/other sources than adnetworks you would probably receive checks/DDs and generally Brands would prefer to be associated with Registered Companies than individuals. In case you want to earn by selling add blocks on your website, a company willing to display their adds on your website would like to write a check to a registered company than an individual.

Also if you register your website you have an option of showing your investing in your tax statments(Form 16) for receiving tax benifit.

So the easielt way to register your venture is Sole Propreitary ownership. I did a bit of research and i heard it will cost you max 2-3 K.

If you want to register your venture as a business it will cost you 20-30K and you would need office space/min 1 lakh investment and lot of other headaches.

Check the indian government official website for more info below : Official website article on Sole propreitershiop

And you will also need a savings/current account which you need to open by providing the sole propreitery ship registration document. You need to make all your transactions through this account for clarity in records.

If you need more info leave a comment and i will respond.

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Also you need to do SEO for better traffic


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