How does make money. OLX.IN Review

OLX.IN is a free classified ads website. You can create free ads for any product or service you are sell or offer.

sponsored links and Featured Adds on their website which seem to be major money making sources for them.

Sponsored links are the links that are shown at the top in each categories which say "Sponsored Link"
These ads cannot be directly bought from OLX. You need to use google AdWords tool to buy this ad space.

Feature Ads are the ads which you can buy from OLX directly for around 10 $ or 4500 roughly. These ads are displayed just below the sponsored links and they look like the genuine search result if you are searching for ads on olx.

They are rotating ads and are sold on weekly basis.

They can also add email and mobile mediums to advertise. They can send you promotional SMS's or display ads in the emails.

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