India Mars Orbiter mission. Total cost and why India spending so much on Mars mission. Why is India not spending this money on poor people in India?

The total budget of India per year is : 16.68 trillion INR. 

Lets get more clarity.

Total  Indian 1year Budget : 16.68 Trillion = 16680000000000 INR.
Mars  Mission       Budget :    450 Crore    =          4500000000 INR 

The total budget of the MOM comes to .026 % of total Indian budget. So all those critics are criticizing India for spending  .026% on something it likes. India should be scrutinized for spending such less amount on Mars mission?

Now lets compare how much other countries spent on their Mars missions.

US mars mission cost : 671 million  USD
India mars mission :   73 mission USD 

Its like bringing the cost of something from 1$ to 10 cents. 

So shouldn't the international press be praising India for spending so much less to achieve this and showing them how cheaper they were able to achieve it. Instead they criticize for spending .026 % of its budget on mars mission and not on feeding poor.

It would have been logical if they have criticized India as to why India spends so much on Defence (2.3 rillion INR) than on feeding poor. But they illogically criticize India for spending far far less on Mars mission. 

The Benefits:

Tata has collaborated with ISRO to create an automobile engine which can be run using Hydrogen fuel cells. This technology was a byproduct of ISRO's research in its earlier missions. This may in the long run help India decrease its dependency on Fuel imports which is the biggest chunk of India's exports.

Had ISRO not embarked on such mission how would we gain such technologies. Also the Indian companies that supplied Parts for ISRO Mars mission have won big contracts from foreign companies. The research and space missions of ISRO have many such byproducts which boost India economically and technologically. 

India has launched many foreign satellites with its PSLV launch vehicles. Economic gains from this apart, this gives India bargaining power on international stage. And we do not have to depend on others for our remote sensing, surveillance and other needs which the satellites provide.

This would of course create a lot of curiosity in younger generations and prompt them to take up careers research and technology. More research means less dependence on costly "foreign technology imports".  Money saved is money Earned.

If we look deeper anyone will realize that India is gaining more than it is spending on its Space missions.

How Can India bring Black money. A possible solution.

Many of the big names in Politics and Business having secret Black money accounts.
So none of them want their names to be public. So they government is unlikely to take action on Individual Basis on each black money account holder.

One alternative is Make the foreign banks with these black money accounts to invest the Black money from Indian unclaimed accounts back in to India.

The obvious question is why would a foreign bank invest even if the Indian governments asks to. The answer is the government can use its soft power.

Let me give you an example:
India is one of the Biggest importer of Gold and other precious metals. The CCI link CCI PDF on Indo-Swiss Trade says that a major percent (almost 90%) of Indian imports from Switzerland are gold and precious metals.

So in return for investing our own money sitting in their banks in India, our government can increase its precious metals trade with Switzerland further. In fact we import more gold from Switzerland than anyone else. So wouldn't they be concerned if you say we say we want to reduce our gold imports by half form your country. We are not asking for a unfair deal. We have a higher moral ground as well. 

This is not something new. All countries use their buying power to get concessions.

They can invest in a publicly listed government companies at zero % interest rate or much cheaper than the percentage what we have to borrow from world bank.

This will solve one more problem. As and when you borrow from world bank it will come with a list of restrictions that are not always very favourable for the borrowing country. 

The only thing we need is political resolve. They dont have it. How do we let them know?.  Spread the word and create awareness. The political parties keep hunting the social media for peoples mood. Social media advertising is a important part of election campaign now. So make sure you spread the word and let them understand that you want this done.
All The Election manifestos will mention bringing black money back, they stop  short of mentioning concrete steps they want to take. 

There is some benefit for every one in this. 
If Country's burden of Debt/Interest on that debt decreases, then the same money can be used to reduce oil Price, reduce Tax or to give an extra meal to the poor.

So why wait hit the share button and spread the word.   :)


I recently read an article in Wall Street journal which made me think of the something we generally do not notice.

A year before the elections Start:

1. The government starts to push good economic reforms which will create more jobs and also improve the stock market.

2. Implement important schemes which help the poor.

3. Appease minorities by implementing schemes favourable to them.

4 Try to take actions that show it is working to protect national integrity.

5. Take some decisions which will look like putting the country on international stage.

6. All of a sudden the government departments remember their duties and will work very affectively. Ofcource you cannot blame a caged parrot for obeying its master.

You can already see a few signs of these if you look at the recent media coverage.

why is this done :

Because we draw our conclusions based on  our most recent thoughts. So they are trying to create a pro government mindset.

I am not saying it's wrong. I just hope people get the big picture and think of the whole 5 years than make decisions based on the last 1 year performance.

The best time to invest stock market in India or any other developing countries:

Noticed an interesting fact today. 12 months before the elections, the stock market starts to pickup as the government eases regulations and creates a favorable atmosphere for businesses.

So its a safe bet to invest in the stock market approximately a year and half before the general elections start in the country and then sell them at the right moment. Its the same story in all developing countries.

Although not very attractive for small investors, this principle can also be used for Forex to some extent. If you keep an eye on currency value during election time, you will notice it will definitely go up steadily. When the local currency is at optimum level, buy more dollars for lower rupee price and then wait for a year or so and sell it after elections.

Perhaps this is one secret no body wants to tell publicly.