My reaserch and findings

Half way through my article on Commonwealth games i realised that posting all my research and finding that i do while writing a blog would be a good idea. This way the visitors would know what little research i have done before i wrote the Article.

I don't have the notes on everything that i posted till now(the First nine articles). But i will provide the notes i have. From now on i will update this page to provide some insight in to my research and how you can do your own research before you writing down a post or an article.

To start with i am using google and Wikipedia,yahoo Answers as my sources. Also i check out the official websites related to each article i write to give some credibility to the content i am posting.

I pulled Content from Allahabad High court website : for writing my article on The Ayodhya Verdict

Common wealth Games official website :
Official website of the common wealth foundation :
Website for installing UBUNTU on windows . It was really easy to install UBUNTU with this website. I tried UBUNTU as part of installing Chromium OS.
Official Ubuntu website :
Huawei company (Mobile Devices) official website :