How to chek if a website is safe and genuine

I always had a question if a website i am using for purchasing some item/service or subscribing for feeds/regular updates is safe to use.

So before i go ahead with using a website , i check the below info and would suggest the same to you

1. Check a few user reviews on google.

--->I just type the website name and type scam beside it. Like scam

This will give a lot of user reviews and you can get good idea about the website.

---> I again search for cheating or sucks on google and check about the website reputation.

2. Check out the macfee site report for the website at . You can type in the view site report box and check if its green and what are the websites thats its linked to. This will give you a clear picture as to what are the other websites it is related.

3. Check out website ranking to get an idea about the popularity of the website.

The above points should give a good idea about the website you are going to use.

Hope this helps. Leavee a comment if you need info or have inputs.

Tips and Formalities for creating a website in India

Refistering a company :

If you are creating a website/blog and earning from it through adds from advertising networks like Google Adsense,Kontera, Infolinks or Chitika you dont need to register your company.

If you want to earn from your website based on products/other sources than adnetworks you would probably receive checks/DDs and generally Brands would prefer to be associated with Registered Companies than individuals. In case you want to earn by selling add blocks on your website, a company willing to display their adds on your website would like to write a check to a registered company than an individual.

Also if you register your website you have an option of showing your investing in your tax statments(Form 16) for receiving tax benifit.

So the easielt way to register your venture is Sole Propreitary ownership. I did a bit of research and i heard it will cost you max 2-3 K.

If you want to register your venture as a business it will cost you 20-30K and you would need office space/min 1 lakh investment and lot of other headaches.

Check the indian government official website for more info below : Official website article on Sole propreitershiop

And you will also need a savings/current account which you need to open by providing the sole propreitery ship registration document. You need to make all your transactions through this account for clarity in records.

If you need more info leave a comment and i will respond.

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Also you need to do SEO for better traffic

Chitika Cofounded by Venkat Kolluri of Indian Origin is one among the biggest Internet Advertising Agencies.

While i was on the lookout for some advertising networks to use on my blog i came across Chitika.

I checked that Chitika is cofounded by Venkat Kolluri hailing from Andhra Pradesh and Chitika means “snap of the fingers” in Telugu (a South Indian language).

Chitika introduced its online-ads service in January, 2004 currently ranks among top 50 Advertising Networks.
Check out the list at : Top 50 Ad Networks To Explore - Website Magazine - Website Magazine

Well if any one from India/Andhrapradesh wants an inspiration for making it big in the Online industry Chitika and Venkat Kolluri are there for you.

Check out the wikipedia article about Chitika : Chitika Article

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India, China and Brazil to be the future Growt Drivers for Internet Admarket

Yes India, China and Brazil to the future Growth Drivers for Internet Ad market as per the below article. And Asia Pacific as a whole will drive the Internet Advertising Market growth. I think Russia should also be included in this list.

I keep checking audience for my blog and its mostly from Asia Pacific, Russia. A few visitors from Brazil and China.

It is Obvious because the growth story and the rise of these 3 counties are the countries as good and strong economies well known. So i guess this is something to Cheer about for those bloggers and webmasters from India who are frustrated with the lack of good local advertising options. Well if the market is growing, it means the companies will also come up targeting these markets.

Read more at : Asia-Pacific Ad Market to Surpass All Others - Website Magazine - Website Magazine

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How to check if some one has coppied the content on your website/blog

Well i guess its common logic that bloggers/websites generally copy parts of content they find on the net and display them as their own. If you want to know who has coppied your article, you can do it now.

Copyscape is a website which provides such service. What it does is it scans the sentenses/words in your article and scans the google results for the sentence/words combination and displays the results.

This way you can find out who is stealing your content and take action against them or atleast ask them to acknowledge your article as your source. This is good of getting back links and traffic to you site.

Link for copyscape :

Check out the wikipedia article on copyscape : Wikipedia article

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Top 50 Ad Networks worth trying

Ofcourse Google Adsense tops them all but it is difficult to abide by their terms and conditions if you are expressing your point of view on subjects like my blog. No offense though they have to cope with their own legal issues.

I have tried Adbrite,infolinks and Chitika and am planing to try out which looks to be providing good context/country sensitive adds which is what every one would like and Clicksor which provides innovative adds which are more appealing to your website visitors.

My personnel experience :
Chitika is for those who have more traffic coming from search engines.

Clicksor is for those who have traffic that doesnt come from search engines but from alternate ways. Clicksor also has intext ads option like kontera and infolinks.

Both clicksor and chitika can work well with other add networks.

Adbrite seems to have a Ad market place which works if you have reasonable site traffic. also comes in this catogery.

Kontera and Infolinks are specilists in intext advertising. They can also be used with other advertisers like clicksor,chitika adsense and adbrite. The problem with intext advertising is they are very annoying popup ads which irritate users. and no body wants to click them.

Flooding your website with too much adverts will slow it down. So check for the best advertising option and stick with it for some time. If it works well stick to it else move on to the other one. I am currently trying out clicksor.

Check out the below article which provide list of top50 Ad networks to explore provided by
Top 50 Ad Networks To Explore - Website Magazine - Website Magazine
This Top50 lift is above is a good way to familiarize yourself with the top Advertising jaints.

And how do you pick up the best. Trying them out is the best thing. Some Add companies work well for some publishers and some dont. You got to pick the one that works for you. Just try the out for 1000 ad impressions this give you an idea of the add network's compatibility with your website. Intext adnetwork. Looks good for indian Bloggers/webmasters

I have recently stubleled in through my google search and found intext adds being displayed on the website and found that this were from

I already knew of infolinks but i didnt knkow that also provides similar services. What was more intresting was adds were more context sensitive and had more adds relavent to indian audience.

Check out the below link for the Publisher Products provided by

Whats more intresting is that it also provides text,image,video and Grid add blocks with intext integrating. Infolinks only provides text adds. I think the video adds is a good innovation and will cath the viewers attention providing in more clicks.


You can know the most clicked kontera keywords as well and write your blof posts to contain atleast one of them.
Click to find the list of Kontera top keywords

So i researched a bit and found that is in business for long time and is trustworthy and they also pay out through paypal and website mentions 70% revenue sharing and this was also among one of the top 50 ad networks as per websitemagazine.

It also provides blogger integration in an easy way. Also this can be used along with google Adsense and other banner add services.

I think this would be very helpfull for indian bloggers who are looking for relavent context sensitive adds.

Advertising on your Blogger Blog with Infolinks

Infolinks is a advertising platform for publishers. And this works well with Blogger Blogs.
I am using it on my blog.

It provides intext ads. Once you enable infolinks on you blog, some high value words in your blog will be underlined and when ever a blog reader scrols his mouse on that key word, a small pops up and will an dvertisement will displayed. If the users click it, they will be redirected and you will earn for that click.

To enable it, you need to
1. Have good content on your blog. At least 15-20 articles.
2.Go to and register there and get the integration script and place it on your Blog.
3. I think they will give a small code which you need to copy paste in your blog template towards the bottom of your template before </HTML> (I dont exactly remember. Its clearly mentioned on the website though)
4. They will take a few days to go though your blog content before approving your request.
5. Once your account is approved, you can go to integration page on infolinks. you have an option to integrate infolinks with your blogger blog directly from there and its easy.

or  you can do it yourself.

**go to your Blogger Design page.
**Click "Add a gadget" and scroll down a little and add "HTML/Java Script" gadget.
** paste the infolinks code there and save it.

Infolinks ads will start showing after 24 hours.

You can use papal as payment menthod. I havent earned till now from Infolinks though.

If anyone earned money or have a better advertising option, please leave a comment

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Chitika Ad network started by an Indian Makes it Big