how to shorten long url links

Is your webpage link too long for you to remember?
unable to remember a long url or webpage link?

try the new google URL shortener:

(No signin required)

this will help you shorten the long URL link to short ones. This will be a help tool to bloggers and webmasters i think and to share links on twitter/facebook, Orkut etc.

I guess this will help google to keep a track of most visited pages/content which data may be usefull for adsense and adword services

How to categorize articles on a blog

You Can use the Labels option to categorize your blog posts.

From your Blogger dashboard/home page click on Edit Posts :

Select the Blog posts you want to be under a label.

Click on New Label from Label actions

Name your label and save It. This will create a new Label with the selected Blog posts.

Then go to Design Page :

Click on Add a Gadget in the Design Page:

Scroll Down a bit and select the Labels Gadget and click the + button and add the gadget to your blog.

Save the changes and enjoy.

You will be able to see the changes on your blog. You can also change where these labels gadget are displayed in the Gadget bar just by using Drag/Drop operations in the design page.

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how to submit your site to google search or yahoo search

Link to submit a blog/website to google :

Link to submit to yahoo :

Link to submit your site/blog to bing :

It will take from a week to 10 days for your site to start showing up in the search results.
check the below link for more info :
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Chitika Cofounded by Venkat Kolluri of Indian Origin is one among the biggest Internet Advertising Agencies. Intext adnetwork. Looks good for indian Bloggers/webmasters
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SPAM Email asking for email Google ID,password and other details to verify your account Information

If you are getting the email which looks like this, just ignore it. This is a Pishing SPAM.

"Due to anonymous registration of our email service, We have detected that your account information on our database is out of date, as a result of that we request that you verify your account Information by filling the details as requested below. Failure to verify your information will result in account suspension.


Do not reply to these mails. This is Pishing Scam to hack your account.

Check the below link from google help forums for more info :

Currency trading in India

Currency/Forex trading in India is not so easy.

The only currency pair allowed for trading is Rupee/US Dollar pair but you need to make a minimum investment of 1000 USD. SO that comes around 45000 roughly. You can only trade in multiples of 1000 US only.

I think this much of initial investment leaves out most of the middle class investors out.

Reliancemoney, ICICI Direct, Kotak Securities, Alpari are some companies that i know which offer Currency trading in India.

I heard that almost all the Demat account offering companies also provide Forex trading in one way or the other.

You can open a demo account as well but no  one knows how good are these demo accounts
You can try below link  for openings a demo account.

It is best to stick to Stock market for now.

Changing the design of your Blogger Blog

Follow the below steps for editing the format/design of Posts on Blogger

1. Login to Blogger Dashboard and click on DESIGN of the Blog.

2. This will take you to the design page of your blog shown below.

Here you can make any changes you need to the blog template like
Add additional text to the header of your blog by clicking the Edit button on Header.

* Add more Gadgets, removing the existing Gadgets and aligning Gadgets. You can search from a huge list of Gadgets by clicking on Add a Gadget as highlighted below.

You can also change the way your blog posts are displayed to your viewers.
To do this click on the Edit button at the button of the Blog Post as shown below.

This will take you to the below screen. You can remove/add the required options form hear by clicking on them.

You can remove the Sharing Options or posting options from hear. Once done save the changes and enjoy.