how to use VIPrecommendation letter to book advance darshan

how to use VIP recommendation letter to book darshan in advance.

what is the procedure to be followed once we get the VIP recommendation letter?

My first suggestion : Never plan for darsan on saturday/sunday or public holiday.

Get the recommendation letter and fax it to 0877-2263960,3214 minumum 3 - 4 days in advance.

Reach tirumala one day in advance to the day you want to go for darshan.

Once you reach tirumala, got to JEO office and complete the form for darsan + acommadation and submit it. If you are looking for AC rooms, mention it clearly. 

You will get a message in the evening if your darshan is confirmed or not. Yes :) even with VIP recommendation letter there is no guarantee you will get tickets for sure. Because every one is bringing VIP letters these days and they give tickets based on their own discretion.

Opting for darshan on working days will increase your chances of getting VIP darshan tickets confirmed

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how to use VIPrecommendation letter to book advance darshan
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