How to Backup your blog.

I think every blogger who created a blog will have the below query.

How do i backup/import/export/delete my blog. on blogspot.

Follow the below steps :

1. Login to Blogger.
2. Click on the Settings of the your Blog from Dashboard as below.

3. You will be directed to the below Basic Settings Screen.

There is an option to Import,Export or Delete your Blog.

4. Click on Export Blog and this will import the blog as an XML file to the location you specify on your PC. (You can also delete youe Blog by using the Delete Blog Option here)

5. You can import the Blog on your own blog if you need or can import this blog data to a new blog on Blogger.

I have tried restoring the backedup XML file on a different blogspot blog and it worked fine.

There is also an option to delete the blog in the above screen. A deleted blog can be restored within 90 days if you change your mind. It will still show in your Blogger dashboard with an option which says Undelete the blog.

If you have any doubt post a comment and i will respond.

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