My inspirations

My inspirations for this Blog
I hope this article helps you on how you get inspiration for blogging and how you can blog about the simple things that you keep thinking on a daily basis.

So hear goes the story:

Well i actually wanted to create a website/blog to make some money through advertising revenue.

I created a website which didn't work to my expectations. Google Adsense was not approved for this website as my content was not genuine. Infolinks decline the request saying that there is not enough text content on my website for them to work with. I used Adbrite and clicksor but they didn't give me any good revenues as my website didn't contain any unique content to pull users to it.

(Adbrite,Clicksor and Infolinks are advertising tools that you can use for advertising on your blog.)

Then i through lets try my hand at blogging and my search for blogging platform lead me to Blogger. I think this is a google platform for blogging as this is a google sponsored platform and it means it will be indexed easily.

Ok now that i selected the platform for my blog i needed to create some content on it. I was scratching my head on what to write down. Then i thought since i did a fair bit of research on creating websites/blogs why don't i write down about it. This lead me to my first post how to create your own website .

At the same time i came across Google Trends and though of making use of it to post about some most searched content on the web. But later i found that the most searched content is the exam results, news and stock market. I tried to write a few posts on them but i was not enjoying it. Also i realised that it needed a lot of continuous research and with my job i wont be able to put it enough time for this. So i dropped the idea. But during this time i thought i should get myself a Wifi, 3G , Touch screen phone which would save me a lot of time to search for thins that spring to my mind on the web instantly rather than switching my laptop and waiting for 10 mins.

This lead me to my next post HUAWEI IDEOS cheap 3g Android phone to be launched in india soon .

I was trying to download some hosting related applications through torrents and this made me think if any this is legal and if anyone does anything about torrent piracy which led me to my next post :
Does anyone take action against torrent sites

At the same time i was thinking if google was going to launch and Desktop OS similar to its Android OS for mobiles. This lead me to my next post:
Google Chrome OS coming soon

I had subscribed to a lot of mailers and i was checking for them one day. I was facing some errors with my yahoo mail. This lead me to my next post : Errors with Yahoo mail. Try the new yahoo mail

I was watching CL T20 final match cricket on TV and this lead to my next post :
Is the Champions League Twenty Twenty final fixed

My Car tyre got punctured recently and this lead me to my next post :
The Tubeless tyre thing

There was a lot of talk regarding the Commonwealth Games recently. So i wondered what actually are the common wealth games. This lead to my next post:
Common wealth Games : Do we need them

One of my family friend asked if there was any institute in Hyderabad which would give Training + Placement service. Well my research in this direction lead to my next post : The NIIT Course Hyderabad. NIIT profile

I thought of writing a article on the latest books people are reading after Harry potter. I did a google search and found that there are already a lot of articles on this subject. So i thought lets write about some of the books i read and liked. This took me to my next article : Book Reviews

I heard about the Avodhya verdict on news and read in papers. I heard the expert opinions but no one actually stated what actually was there in the court order word for word. So i checked out the official website and put up some data on the official court order which lead to : THE AYODHYA VERDICT AND THE OFFICIAL COURT ORDER.

Then i thought that the Ayodhya issue is a controversial subject and thought i should take a backup of my blog so that if all of a sudden my blog goes down, i should be able to retrieve it and then i can perhaps i can remove the offensive content from my blog. This lead me to my next article : How to Backup your Blog

Then i started wondering what is Podcast and i what podcast options are available on Blogger. This lead me to my next article : Adding youtube videos to your Blog
I don't know if my blog is going to be successful and i don't know if i am going to get any add revenue out of it but i am loving this blogging thing.

One of the consistent adds that Infolinks was displaying on my blog was SNAPDEALS.COM which i never heard before. My research on this website lead me to the article : whats is SNAPDEALS.COM

I have tried to check what rediff mypage was and tried to check online didn't find any good info, i myself did a bit of research and created a post on it. It pulled me a lot of visitors.

Check out Google trends and yahoo Buzz. they tell you what people are actually searching for and talking about respectively. This might give you some inspirations.

But if you want to get more visitors to your page you need to create unique and intresting content.