How does make money, policybaazar Business model,policybaazar review

I have seen a lot of policybaazar ads on the internet and i wondered how are they going to make money.

Well recently one of my friends who is a Insurance agent said that he was buying Insurance leads from policybazar in search of prospective customers interested in Insurance policies.

I just surfed the site and found that Policy Bazaar sells these leads through its website

So they advertise online encouraging prospective Policy buyers to provide their contact details to receive price quotations on policies.

The sell these leads (contact and intrest details of a customer) to Insurance agents on

They act as a medium between the prospective buyers and policy agents. Simple Idea, Big business.

I have checked that there are quite a lot of similar websites that are coming up with this business model. So i think the competition is increasing for PolicyBaazar.

Question Answer websites future, myths, advantages and problems

Just wanted to put my thoughts down on the Questions Answer websites as anyone who is an active member of these websites like yahoo answers may wake up some day and think "why dont i create my own question answer website".

Good you are thinking as enterprenure but there are a few  things you need to consider before going ahead.

1. How do you plan to earn from them?

If you are planing to use Adsense then bad idea. Adsense works well for sites which have a specific niche. I.E websites with a specific topic like politics or humor or something else.

But Q&A websites dont generally have this. You will have questions from different areas. So difficult for adsense to display relevant ads all the time. SO less CTR.

2. With all the Q&A scripts, you have to place ads in a IFRAME which are separate from content and have no link to content. It means you are again going to have problem with ad relevancy. You need your ad code along with content only then the ads will be relevant to the content.

3. You need to have good user base and users that are active on your website in terms of generating content. So to keep them active you need to run promotional events. And hire professional content writers to post good answers to questions asked by users. It means more investment.

4. if you are going to create a website based on Q&A script you should think of dedicated hosting.  Shared hosting will slow down your site. Shared hosting is only good for html or static websites. So you need to make good investment.

5. Also if you are suing a Q&A script you loose control of the software. You have to use what ever options  script gives you. In the script used, there is are two good ad placements but they are also displayed on login and register page. As per adsense policy you can have adsense on login and register pages. So i cant use adsense in those areas. So think carefully before you go ahead with the script.

6. If you are thinking that since your website is going to create user generated content, search engines will bring you visitors, you are wrong. Only a few questions will have the power to get visitors from search engines. And only once your website  is a year old will the search engines start noticing your website.

My advise dont go Q&A website way and start a blog and write some thing you like. Use existing Q&A sites to create back links. Get some traffic and make some money. Blogs are easy to monetise.

Only advantage:
You can post just about anything on these website.
like a question can be : why does hair grow white? or how is eletricity produced? and so on.....

 If you still want to go ahead, all the best.