Blogging TIps

Tips for creating a successful blog and earning from it.

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A blog is place where u can share your thoughts, views, share knowledge, improve your writing skills, get noticed and make some money on the way if you are intrested

If you are scratching your head on what to write just think of something that you tried to search online and had no luck with it.

If you searched for it not much luck it means that not a lot of content exists on it and you can get good readership if you write on.

There might be people who are also searching for it and if you did not find it online it means you will get a lot of unique visitors. Don't worry even if it is silly because people keep searching for a lot of strange stuff online. Just write it down in your blog.

Google webhistory is a great way to keep track of what you have been searching using google. Read more on how to use it : Google Webhistory

I have tried to check what rediff mypage was and tried to check online didn't find any good info, i myself did a bit of research and created a post on it. It pulled me a lot of visitors.

You should always write articles that you like because any article you write for the sake of filling pages and not with passion will decrease the quality of the content

Check out my post on my Blogging inspirations. This actually tells you how i went about writing my blog.

Do your analysis of the topic
It is always better to browse official websites related to your topic as this will give you the actual facts and lend credibility to your article

Never be in a hurry
Give your self enough time to provide maximum details on the article you are writing. Come back to it next day and look at it from the perspective of a visitor who stumbled on your article from a search engine
Check if your article provides all the data a visitor would need.
Get a friend to review the article and see if it can be improved.

Do not present copyrighted material as your own this might land u in trouble
If u want to present some one else's article or content give them credit by acknowledging the source and you can provide a link in your article from where you borrowed the content
If still in doubt send an email to the site webmaster and get their permission I have done this once and I got polite response

Put links to other articles from your Blog in the article you are writing if there is any relevance between them. But dont flood your article with links as this will degrade the look of the page.

Encourage your friends to post articles on your blog. (A Blogger blog can have multiple authors )

Always follow the comments and try to answers the visitors queries
Happy visitor means free advertising
Also Comments means more content on your page and

If you fall short of ideas for your blog take a break follow a few communities you like and be an active member in them this will lead you to some interesting ideas to write about.

Check out my article on My Blogs inspirations and u will find how easy it is to blog about.

Once you have around 20 articles or posts on your blog request for google AdSense account and monetize your website with adds
Don't click adds on your own website. Ur advertising partners might disable your account

ways to promote your Blog/website :

1. paste your blog/website link on you orkut,facebook,linkedin and other social networking profiles.
Send emails to your friends to view your blog and post comments on how they feel about the bollg and how it can be improved.

2. Join online forums related your blog/website content, answer a few questions and leave your blog/website links where relevant. This will bring lot of relavent traffic.

3.Share you Blog/website posts/links on twitter, facebook, Google Buzz. At the bottom of the blog post there are twitter, facebook, Google Buzz and Email icons through which you can instantly share your blog posts.. Click on them and you will be asked if you want to share the article. Login to the relevant account and share it.

4.Tweet about your bog/website and ask you friends to check it out.

5.Get a friend to post your blog link on Digg and make friends on digg and ask them to check out ur link.

6.Add your website/blog to directories in relavent catogeries.

You can earn money by advertising on your blog. There are a lot of advertisers like Google Adsense, Clicksor, Chitika. Follow my article TOP 50 Advertisers to get a view of the advertising options available for your blog.

You need to have good content and traffic to get good revenue from advertising revenue.

I have also read a few online articles on bloggers becoming freelance authors for some organisations.

So keep your visitors happy and express yourself freely on your blog. The possibilities are endless.

I though i should write something about the Infolinks and KOntera Ad networks which i am using. So i wrote about them.