Difference Between Shared, Dedicated , cloud and VPS hostings

So hear we go

Shared hosting :
In shared hosting your website being hosted shared space and bandwidth with other websites who are also using shared hosting plan.
Basically your website is sharing server resources with different websites.
They say its unlimited badwidth but the badwidth is shared and and if one website has peak loads, then other websites that are hosted on the server suffer and become slow.
Good for HTML sites. Cheapest of all hosting plans

Dedicated Hosting :

You pay a lot more in dedicated hosting. You have the server for yourself. Good if you are hosting multiple sites and the sites have high traffic and need more RAM. Not easily scalable.

Virtual Private server (VPS) hosting:

Lets put it this way. Your website is hosted on a virtual instance of a powerfull server. When ever you need more resources, you can upgrade your hosting plan. Costlier than shared hosting. It differes from dedicated hosting in that, you only busy resources(band width, RAM) when you need.
In dedicated hosting you have server for yourself and sometimes pay more even when you don’t need that much resources.

Cloud Hosting:
Your website is not physically hosted on any one specific server. The resources are shared across servers. You can increase / decrease the resources you need by choosing the required plan based on your site performance.
It differs from VPS hosting in that it is not physically hosted on any specific server.
VPS is hosted on a physical server. But both are easily scalable.

Android apps monetization using airpush.com, earning money with android app

Airpush is an mobile advertising network which serves ads to users using android Apps on their mobile phones.
If the Android application you are using is using airpush to monetize their apps, then the app users will view ads in the notifications window. They claim that they dont show annoying ads while the apps are running.
Airpush says that app developers can integrate airpush ads in to their android application but just adding an additional jar file to the app.
The ads are delivered using the android OS's alarm manager framework and cached for some time.
The ads can be enabled/ disabled by developers or the end user can also optout by using the optout option on Airpush website.
The claim that they give CPM rates of 3$ and more.
The developers can also define which set of users receive ads. This can be beneficial if you have both paid and free version of the apps.

Organic backlinks. what are they?

Organic backlinks are the backlinks that link users from other websites to your websites. Some are created naturally by other bloggers /webmasters. These are generally references that they creat which direct the intrested users to your website for more info on a topic you have written.

You can also create your own backlinks by posting content on websites with good viewership and leave you weblink there

Or you can actively participate in various forum on the internet and leave your links there

one more way is to register with question answer websites like howwherewhat.in and answer relavent questions and leave links to your blog or website there

The advantage of leaving links on q&a websites is the questions are more relavent and often these websites rank high on search engine queries. The only problem is you have to dig these websites for questions relavent to your website

How does olx.in make money. OLX.IN Review

OLX.IN is a free classified ads website. You can create free ads for any product or service you are sell or offer.

sponsored links and Featured Adds on their website which seem to be major money making sources for them.

Sponsored links are the links that are shown at the top in each categories which say "Sponsored Link"
These ads cannot be directly bought from OLX. You need to use google AdWords tool to buy this ad space.

Feature Ads are the ads which you can buy from OLX directly for around 10 $ or 4500 roughly. These ads are displayed just below the sponsored links and they look like the genuine search result if you are searching for ads on olx.

They are rotating ads and are sold on weekly basis.

They can also add email and mobile mediums to advertise. They can send you promotional SMS's or display ads in the emails.

Tips to increase Click through rate of the advertisments on your blog/website

** you can make your blog/website more reader friendly. white shaded background with black font is the best from my research. Duller white background makes the ads more eye catching.

**No links any where in the post/articles. Else the reader will be lead away to those links.

I learnt this mistake recently. Still working on implementing it. The only clickable things should be your ads

** ads to be placed where there is more chance to for the to be clicked, like just below/above the article heading.

** Concentrate on a single topic / niche rather writing unrelated articles. This is something i heard a lot.
I guess this is will make sure that the ads and the content have grater relevance.

** Try to get some US/UK visitors. The cpc from these visitors is more. Join some webmaster forums like Digitalpoint and become active on those forums. This will increase visitors.

** Write about something which attract non technical users. Meaning users who do not have a greater awareness about online advertisements. They will give you the highest clicks.

One Thing you should not Do:
Putting too many ads towards the top of the page/ in the header is a turnoff for visitors. Instead this space should use that Space to make our website logo look bigger and noticeble. So the user know where to
find the content again if he wants to come back

Pls share if you have any additional tips

voice to text converters,applications that converts voice to words

After blogging for more than 6 months my fingers started itching and I started looking for some applications that would convert voice into text which would make my job lot easier.

Google chrome browser and its app store solved this problem for me.

I am currently writing this blog post using one of such applications called Oweb voice input.

Of course this isn't solving my problems completely but hopefully full fledged applications will come in future.

To start using this application you need to have google chrome installed.

Below are similar applications that you can use the google chrome:
Talk To Type

once you install google chrome search for these applications for the blue link
chrome web store

If you find any better/similar applications, please let me know.

Why India needs lookpal bill

Why India needs lookpal bill?

Because India already has the required government bodies like the CAG (Controller And Auditor General) of India which audits all the government earnings and expenditures and any irregularities in them and if the governments are misused or if the government has lost any money because of irregularity in the functioning of any government bodies.

But the CAG submits reports to Parliament and the government bodies PUBLIC ACCOUNTS COMMITTE and COMMITTE On PUBLIC UNDERTAKINGS that need to act on the CAG report. These bodies are appointed by Parliament and include members from Rajyasabha and Loksabha.

So you can obviously understand how transparent and impartial these appointed bodies will function. 

So having a Lookpal bill will in theory make the politicians accountable. Of course India can reap the benefits only if the implementation of Lokpal bill is done well.

And this is the reason why all political parties are uneasy with this bill.

But when it comes to increasing the salaries of MLAs/MPs the bill is passed unanimously. This is in one way a good thing because i am personally thinking of Politics as a career option since you can make good money even by being honest with the fat salaries and allowances the MLAs/MPs have.

Lokpal has the power to keep the politicians on their feet and remind them that they are accountable to the people of the nation.

if you have any more questions you can ask at www.howwherewhat.in/ask

Documents required for marriage registration,Marriange certificate in India. Formalities involved

You need the below documents for getting marriage certificate in India

  • Marriage Invitation card
  • 2 Photos of Bride and Groom in marriage dress taken during marriage ritual which clearly show they are taking part in marriage cermony.
  • Documents which serve as Proof of Age
    Preferably 10th class marks memo which has your photo and also your date of Birth on it.
  • Address proof of current residing address which should be on Bride or Grooms name.
    • Some of the accepted documents are Passport,Drivers Lisence, Voter ID card, GAS card, Eletricity Bill on the name of the applicant. Atleast one of the applicant should have government issue Residence proof if not booth the applicants.
And 3 witnesses to certify your marriage.

You should go to the sub registrar office of the locality for which you have address proof. They differ based on your plot number/Door number of your address proof.

What should I name my blog/website?

What should I name my blog/website? Thats the question that bothers every new blogger/webmaster.

Your Blog/website name should be search engine friendly.

For example my blog name is indianreviewer.blogspot.com which i later changed to my custom domain name http://www.indianreviewer.in/

The name indianreviewer has India and review keywords in it. There are a lot of people searching the net for reviews and the Indian share is considerably high. So if some one is searching for a review on something my domain name increases the chance of my blog ranking high in search engines.

Your Blog/Website name should be authentic and professional and should cover a broader spectrum.

A lot of people say choose a name which matches your niche its good to some extent but you should also think of future and what you may write a year down the line.

I could have chosen my name as the blog name or something like Indian website reviews or something like that but Indian Reviewer looked more authentic and it also covered a broad range of things that can review on my site. So better have a big picture and go for a more generalised name. You may be writing some thing today and you write entirely different thing on your blog.
So give your self some room there.

Also Indianreviewer sounds more professional than reviewjunction which i did consider when naming my blog.

Something catchy and as short as possible:
well i named one of my websites as http://www.howwherewhat.in/ because its very catchy and generates a lot of intrest. If some one occasional stumbled on your website and liked the content you should make sure he remembers your website/blog name so that he can quickly come back at a later time. So a catchy name always. Also Branding your website/Blog Name on every page is a good idea. You can check out my website and you can see how i have made sure the website name pops up on every page. You dont have to create a popup but just at top of the blog towards a corner will do. Just make sure the blog/website name is much big in font compared to the normal blog content font so that it catches the occasional users eye.

If you have any more suggestions, please leave a comment.

If you want suggestions/help on naming your blog/website just post a comment and i will get back.

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Flipkart.com review. What is flipkart.com?

http://www.flipkart.com/ is an online store like futurebazar and others. But this has been around for some time (from 2007) and it has a huge collection of books as you may have noticed from the ads on TV.

Apart from Books they also offer mobiles,Movie and Music CD's. Gaming Gadgets, Game CD's, Cameras and Computers and related accessories.

I heard from word of mouth that Mobiles are much cheaper when compared to futurebazar here.

I checked that shipping is free and they only deliver in India. I have read a few online reviews that they delivered a book in Hindi when the customer asked for an English book and of delays in the delivery of goods. And that the after sales support is not the greatest.

Well it is the same with Futurebazar,Myntra and others. But i think Flipkart.com is a bit more trustable than others because its been in business for some time now and i haven't found too much of bad talk about them in online forums.

How do websites like Snapdeals that offer Deals make their money

I have highlited a few websites like snapdeal and groupoff which provide discounts on meal cupons and other deals. Just did a check on how they make their revenue and this is what i found among others as the source of their incom.

well deal oriented websites are a way of free publicity for the businesses that are displayed on these websites. If a restaurant deal is displayed and you check it out, if you like it, you will pass the information about this restaurant to your friends and the restaurant gets free publicity through word of mouth...

And i guess the websites also keep a percentage of the money made by the restaurant or a minimum fees for listing their service on their website...

In simple terms these websites work as brokers and get comission's....

Google Webhistory helps you keep track of what you have been searching online

I have had recently used it in a beneficial way and i thought i should share this with you all.

Google webhistory helps you keep track of what you have been searching online using google search engine.

Link to google web history : https://www.google.com/history/

Google webhistory helps you keep track of all the websites and webpages which you may have searched using google in the past. I have searched for a free webpage creater and i stumbled on a good website by googling. But i had to leave my computer due to some work. I later forgot the website. Normally it might be difficult to track that website.

But using Google Web History you can track the websites/webpages you have searched using google.

To be able to use google webhistory you first need to enable it. You also need while using google search you should be logged in. There will be a login button at the top right corner of the google search page.

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How to chek if a website is safe and genuine
how to submit your site to google search or yahoo search
How to create your own Website

Tips on how to get Adsense approved for Indian bloggers and website owners

I got my AdSense account approved just a month ago and i thought i should share my knowledge on this as getting an AdSense account in not very easy in India.

1. One of the main criteria is to have unique content on your website / blog. It doesn't mean that you have to write something that no one has written before but to write things in your own way. You should not copy and paste content from other websites. Google indexes all websites so its quite easy for them to figure out if your website has unique content or copied content.

2. Your website/Blog must be 6 months old to be approved. This is because google delivers content sensitive ads and your website should have good volume of quality content which is well indexed in Search engines.

3. Also your website look and feel should be good and user friendly and should be well aligned. I got rejected once for this. I put some screen shots on my blog , their size was very big and they dominated the background of blog archive and other widgets on the sidebar of my blog give my blog an ugly look.
My application was then rejected with message stating that the website was under construction.

4. Do not put any strong political views or offensive material, i.e the content should not be diminishing any one or any communities reputation.

5. If your AdSense account is not approved, you will be given a reason for disapproval. Just try to analyse it and fix it. My AdSense account account was approved on the third attempt.

Ofcourse there are a lot of alternatives to google AdSense as well and my preferred one would be chitika, infolinks,kontera and clicksot. Read Top 50 Ad Networks worth trying to find out AdSense alternatives.
Of course AdSense beats them all in terms of revenue. So they are only alternatives only if AdSense is not approved.

One more thing Just getting your AdSense account approved doesn't mean that you will get revenues by placing AdSense ads. Just think for yourself, when was the last time you clicked on an add while browsing websites/blogs. People simply ignore the ads. So its another thing to make your AdSense look attractive and to place them in the right positions to get visitors to notice them and click them.

Groupoff.com a website with innovative way of providing discount

Groupoff.com has come up with a very innovative way of providing discount to the buyers.
Their website name truly summarises their concept. The offers work only if a group of individuals together subscribe/apply for an offer.

I checked out the there are deals currently existing on restaurants , electronic goods and travel deals.

It will work well if you are planing to buy a mobile phone, electronic goods,restaurant/SPA deals or any other retail items.

What this does for the sellers is that the deal is only valid only if a fixed number of customers are buying the goods together. SO more buyers, good business.

I think they can add movie tickets, Books (from famous publishers) and other recreational offers like resort deals in cities to their cart. These are the potential areas where there is a change for groupoff.

This is one more alternative to snapdeals.com. More competitors in the segment means lower prices for customers :)

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futurebazar.com the online store

futurebazar.com the online shopping store is a venture from Future Group which also owns Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Home Town, eZone and Central (Hyderabad Central etc).

They Electronic goods online in India and the goods are later shipped to your address.

Just checked out on mothshut.com that all the hyped up Battle ground prices are a not really as low as they make us believe if you do a comparision with other stores. The after sales support is also poor and the shipment also takes a lot more time than promissed to arrive.

From my research i can conclude that futurebazar.com works well for you if you are in cities/tows where they have physical presence like the metros, major cities and towns. If you are ordering fr om a remote place the orders will take a long time to arrive. The pre sales support is excellent but the trouble starts only after you have made the payment. I googled and found that there are a lot of misplaced orders. Customers order one laptop and they get a different brand/configuration. And the call centre support is not the great to resolve these cases.

Ofcourse we can use this website to get an idea of the price tags of the electronic goods in India.

The idea of the online store is great but i guess the problem is with the tracking/record keeping of the orders and effective handling for the purchase orders placed. Nothing is a masterpiece from the beginning. I guess over the time the service will get better.

Dealies.in helps you find discounts,offers, off sales going around in Indian Cites

There are a lot of websites like snapdeal.com which offer discounted cupons/deals on food,beauty products/SPA and other commodities in Indian cities.

Dealies helps you keep track of all the websites like SNAPDEAL.COM which that provide different deals and offers.
Dealies lists all deals and discounts of all group buying websites filtered according to city and category. On this website you can also see the deals arranged by the number of “Likes” on Facebook.

It also allows visitors to can share their own experiences buying from the group buying websites.

Honestly i never knew of BuzzinTown, Deals and You, Koovs, Dealivore before i stumbled up on this site.

www.Dealies.in is a good site to drop by once in a while just to keep track of all the offers going around in your city/town.

What is Group Buying :

Group Buying or collective buying. By leveraging the power of numbers (in customers) made easily possible through the Internet, Group Buying portals provide massive discounts to products of popular demand.
Deep, heavy discounts of up to 90%, for spas, restaurants, movie tickets, and many other interesting
things, are easily attained if a certain number of users purchase the deal. Group Buying websites
include SnapDeal, BuzzinTown, Deals and You, Koovs, Dealivore, etc. They offer deals and
discounts in all the big cities such as Mumbai, Banagalore, Delhi, Chennai, etc.

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How to create custome blog banners on blogspot/blogger.com

Tired of advertising agencies. You can create your own blog banners / adds on blogger blogs.

How to do it:

1. Log in to Blogger dashboard.

2. Click on Design tab.

3. Click on Add a Gadget.

4. Select HTML/Java Script

5. Copy paste the code below and Save it.

<a target="_blank" href='http://www.howwherewhat.in'>
<img border='0' src='http://howwherewhat.in/images/bbanner.jpg'/>

The first line indicates the link to which the image add redirects the users.

The second line indicates the image you are going to display. you need to store it online. you can use free FTP hosting sites to store the images. Just google for free FTP hosting sites. You can just pick one from the list below.


6. Drag the add widget to the desired location on your blog design page and save it. 
you can see banners in the widget section and at the bottom of the blog posts.

For a blog post banner which will be displayed on top of each post the dimensions should 517*160 for better viewing.

And for Blog widget banner the dimensions should be 230*250.

see the sample banners below this blogpost.

If you are facing trouble with hosting your images online, just leave a message and i will help you out by hosting them on my FTP.

Apple IPOD Now In India. Price review

APPLE IPAD is now Officially available in India.
Apple has launched two variants
IPAD with 16 GB inbuild memory and Wi-Fi) in price range of Rs.27,900
IPAD with 64 GB inbuild memory and Wi-Fi+3G in price range of Rs.44,900

Apple IPAD will be available through APPLE Exclusive stores and other retail outlets.

For IPAD Features check the below APPLE official link:

For more information read the below article on hindu website from which i borrowed the above information:  Article on IPAD by THe HINDU

Queries that bought you hear:
APPLE IPAD Specifications In INDIA

Is facebook a good thing?

When I have joined facebook for the first time, I found it to be very interesting. I was able to contact my school friends, be in touch with them. I was able to chat with my friends in US regularly and know updates about them. Everything was good at the beginning.

Now I am literally addicted to facebook ( may be u call it a “facebook obsession”). I just check facebook when I wake up early in the morning, post updates, check for friends updates, comments, play games and chat with my friends. Off late I have made friends with some of the clothing and jewelery advertisers. And because of this I spend close to 2 hrs on facebook. Now, I suddenly felt, I have lost connection with the present world and just enjoying myself in the virtual world! I feel facebook may be good to be in contact with old friends but it is equally addictive and people tend to waste much of their valuable time checking the updates or thinking about them.

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