India Mars Orbiter mission. Total cost and why India spending so much on Mars mission. Why is India not spending this money on poor people in India?

The total budget of India per year is : 16.68 trillion INR. 

Lets get more clarity.

Total  Indian 1year Budget : 16.68 Trillion = 16680000000000 INR.
Mars  Mission       Budget :    450 Crore    =          4500000000 INR 

The total budget of the MOM comes to .026 % of total Indian budget. So all those critics are criticizing India for spending  .026% on something it likes. India should be scrutinized for spending such less amount on Mars mission?

Now lets compare how much other countries spent on their Mars missions.

US mars mission cost : 671 million  USD
India mars mission :   73 mission USD 

Its like bringing the cost of something from 1$ to 10 cents. 

So shouldn't the international press be praising India for spending so much less to achieve this and showing them how cheaper they were able to achieve it. Instead they criticize for spending .026 % of its budget on mars mission and not on feeding poor.

It would have been logical if they have criticized India as to why India spends so much on Defence (2.3 rillion INR) than on feeding poor. But they illogically criticize India for spending far far less on Mars mission. 

The Benefits:

Tata has collaborated with ISRO to create an automobile engine which can be run using Hydrogen fuel cells. This technology was a byproduct of ISRO's research in its earlier missions. This may in the long run help India decrease its dependency on Fuel imports which is the biggest chunk of India's exports.

Had ISRO not embarked on such mission how would we gain such technologies. Also the Indian companies that supplied Parts for ISRO Mars mission have won big contracts from foreign companies. The research and space missions of ISRO have many such byproducts which boost India economically and technologically. 

India has launched many foreign satellites with its PSLV launch vehicles. Economic gains from this apart, this gives India bargaining power on international stage. And we do not have to depend on others for our remote sensing, surveillance and other needs which the satellites provide.

This would of course create a lot of curiosity in younger generations and prompt them to take up careers research and technology. More research means less dependence on costly "foreign technology imports".  Money saved is money Earned.

If we look deeper anyone will realize that India is gaining more than it is spending on its Space missions.