HUAWEI IDEOS cheap 3g Android phone to be launched in india soon

If you are looking for a cheap  smart phone with Android OS,WI-FI,3G and touchscreen then HUAWEI IDEOS which is going to hit Indian markets soon will be the most affordable phone.
HUAWEI IDEOS cheap 3g phone with Android OS to be launched in India soon. Read more at : Huawei IDEOS official website

CLikc Link for HUAWEI IDEOS Preview

Huawei Ideos release date in india is tentively fixed as Decenber End. They have been postponing it regularly.

Samsung star nano is also a good low cost phone. this costs around 7500. But doesn't have Wifi.
Check out Specifications at Samsung official site : Star Nano .

Samsung Corby Pro- has 3G and WIFI . Costs around : 11K
Check out Corby pro at : Corby Pro Specifications at SAMSUNG official website

Nokia X6 8GB costs around 14500/- its got Wifi,3G and more. You can checkout : Nokia X6

Latest addition to the cheap 3g phones list : SAMSUNG GALAXY POP and SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT. The cost around 10000/- and have all the features you need. They both differ in the screen size and processing speed. Otherwise they are the same. But both are good.

wondering What is Android?

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google and is based upon a modified version of the Linux kernel

what is 3G?

International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT--2000) known as 3G or 3rd Generation, is a generation of standards for mobile phones and mobile telecommunications services fulfilling specifications by the International Telecommunication Union.[1] Application services include wide-area wireless voice telephone, mobile Internet access, video calls and mobile TV, all in a mobile environment. Compared to the older 2G and 2.5G standards, a 3G system must allow simultaneous use of speech and data services, and provide peak data rates of at least 200 kbit/s according to the IMT-2000 specification. Recent 3G releases, often denoted 3.5G and 3.75G, also provide mobile broadband access of several Mbit/s to laptop computers and smart phones.
More info at :

The above info is derived from Wikipedia

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