Tips on how to get Adsense approved for Indian bloggers and website owners

I got my AdSense account approved just a month ago and i thought i should share my knowledge on this as getting an AdSense account in not very easy in India.

1. One of the main criteria is to have unique content on your website / blog. It doesn't mean that you have to write something that no one has written before but to write things in your own way. You should not copy and paste content from other websites. Google indexes all websites so its quite easy for them to figure out if your website has unique content or copied content.

2. Your website/Blog must be 6 months old to be approved. This is because google delivers content sensitive ads and your website should have good volume of quality content which is well indexed in Search engines.

3. Also your website look and feel should be good and user friendly and should be well aligned. I got rejected once for this. I put some screen shots on my blog , their size was very big and they dominated the background of blog archive and other widgets on the sidebar of my blog give my blog an ugly look.
My application was then rejected with message stating that the website was under construction.

4. Do not put any strong political views or offensive material, i.e the content should not be diminishing any one or any communities reputation.

5. If your AdSense account is not approved, you will be given a reason for disapproval. Just try to analyse it and fix it. My AdSense account account was approved on the third attempt.

Ofcourse there are a lot of alternatives to google AdSense as well and my preferred one would be chitika, infolinks,kontera and clicksot. Read Top 50 Ad Networks worth trying to find out AdSense alternatives.
Of course AdSense beats them all in terms of revenue. So they are only alternatives only if AdSense is not approved.

One more thing Just getting your AdSense account approved doesn't mean that you will get revenues by placing AdSense ads. Just think for yourself, when was the last time you clicked on an add while browsing websites/blogs. People simply ignore the ads. So its another thing to make your AdSense look attractive and to place them in the right positions to get visitors to notice them and click them.


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