Why India needs lookpal bill

Why India needs lookpal bill?

Because India already has the required government bodies like the CAG (Controller And Auditor General) of India which audits all the government earnings and expenditures and any irregularities in them and if the governments are misused or if the government has lost any money because of irregularity in the functioning of any government bodies.

But the CAG submits reports to Parliament and the government bodies PUBLIC ACCOUNTS COMMITTE and COMMITTE On PUBLIC UNDERTAKINGS that need to act on the CAG report. These bodies are appointed by Parliament and include members from Rajyasabha and Loksabha.

So you can obviously understand how transparent and impartial these appointed bodies will function. 

So having a Lookpal bill will in theory make the politicians accountable. Of course India can reap the benefits only if the implementation of Lokpal bill is done well.

And this is the reason why all political parties are uneasy with this bill.

But when it comes to increasing the salaries of MLAs/MPs the bill is passed unanimously. This is in one way a good thing because i am personally thinking of Politics as a career option since you can make good money even by being honest with the fat salaries and allowances the MLAs/MPs have.

Lokpal has the power to keep the politicians on their feet and remind them that they are accountable to the people of the nation.

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Documents required for marriage registration,Marriange certificate in India. Formalities involved

You need the below documents for getting marriage certificate in India

  • Marriage Invitation card
  • 2 Photos of Bride and Groom in marriage dress taken during marriage ritual which clearly show they are taking part in marriage cermony.
  • Documents which serve as Proof of Age
    Preferably 10th class marks memo which has your photo and also your date of Birth on it.
  • Address proof of current residing address which should be on Bride or Grooms name.
    • Some of the accepted documents are Passport,Drivers Lisence, Voter ID card, GAS card, Eletricity Bill on the name of the applicant. Atleast one of the applicant should have government issue Residence proof if not booth the applicants.
And 3 witnesses to certify your marriage.

You should go to the sub registrar office of the locality for which you have address proof. They differ based on your plot number/Door number of your address proof.

What should I name my blog/website?

What should I name my blog/website? Thats the question that bothers every new blogger/webmaster.

Your Blog/website name should be search engine friendly.

For example my blog name is indianreviewer.blogspot.com which i later changed to my custom domain name http://www.indianreviewer.in/

The name indianreviewer has India and review keywords in it. There are a lot of people searching the net for reviews and the Indian share is considerably high. So if some one is searching for a review on something my domain name increases the chance of my blog ranking high in search engines.

Your Blog/Website name should be authentic and professional and should cover a broader spectrum.

A lot of people say choose a name which matches your niche its good to some extent but you should also think of future and what you may write a year down the line.

I could have chosen my name as the blog name or something like Indian website reviews or something like that but Indian Reviewer looked more authentic and it also covered a broad range of things that can review on my site. So better have a big picture and go for a more generalised name. You may be writing some thing today and you write entirely different thing on your blog.
So give your self some room there.

Also Indianreviewer sounds more professional than reviewjunction which i did consider when naming my blog.

Something catchy and as short as possible:
well i named one of my websites as http://www.howwherewhat.in/ because its very catchy and generates a lot of intrest. If some one occasional stumbled on your website and liked the content you should make sure he remembers your website/blog name so that he can quickly come back at a later time. So a catchy name always. Also Branding your website/Blog Name on every page is a good idea. You can check out my website and you can see how i have made sure the website name pops up on every page. You dont have to create a popup but just at top of the blog towards a corner will do. Just make sure the blog/website name is much big in font compared to the normal blog content font so that it catches the occasional users eye.

If you have any more suggestions, please leave a comment.

If you want suggestions/help on naming your blog/website just post a comment and i will get back.

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Flipkart.com review. What is flipkart.com?

http://www.flipkart.com/ is an online store like futurebazar and others. But this has been around for some time (from 2007) and it has a huge collection of books as you may have noticed from the ads on TV.

Apart from Books they also offer mobiles,Movie and Music CD's. Gaming Gadgets, Game CD's, Cameras and Computers and related accessories.

I heard from word of mouth that Mobiles are much cheaper when compared to futurebazar here.

I checked that shipping is free and they only deliver in India. I have read a few online reviews that they delivered a book in Hindi when the customer asked for an English book and of delays in the delivery of goods. And that the after sales support is not the greatest.

Well it is the same with Futurebazar,Myntra and others. But i think Flipkart.com is a bit more trustable than others because its been in business for some time now and i haven't found too much of bad talk about them in online forums.