Advertising on your Blogger Blog with Infolinks

Infolinks is a advertising platform for publishers. And this works well with Blogger Blogs.
I am using it on my blog.

It provides intext ads. Once you enable infolinks on you blog, some high value words in your blog will be underlined and when ever a blog reader scrols his mouse on that key word, a small pops up and will an dvertisement will displayed. If the users click it, they will be redirected and you will earn for that click.

To enable it, you need to
1. Have good content on your blog. At least 15-20 articles.
2.Go to and register there and get the integration script and place it on your Blog.
3. I think they will give a small code which you need to copy paste in your blog template towards the bottom of your template before </HTML> (I dont exactly remember. Its clearly mentioned on the website though)
4. They will take a few days to go though your blog content before approving your request.
5. Once your account is approved, you can go to integration page on infolinks. you have an option to integrate infolinks with your blogger blog directly from there and its easy.

or  you can do it yourself.

**go to your Blogger Design page.
**Click "Add a gadget" and scroll down a little and add "HTML/Java Script" gadget.
** paste the infolinks code there and save it.

Infolinks ads will start showing after 24 hours.

You can use papal as payment menthod. I havent earned till now from Infolinks though.

If anyone earned money or have a better advertising option, please leave a comment

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