Organic backlinks. what are they?

Organic backlinks are the backlinks that link users from other websites to your websites. Some are created naturally by other bloggers /webmasters. These are generally references that they creat which direct the intrested users to your website for more info on a topic you have written.

You can also create your own backlinks by posting content on websites with good viewership and leave you weblink there

Or you can actively participate in various forum on the internet and leave your links there

one more way is to register with question answer websites like and answer relavent questions and leave links to your blog or website there

The advantage of leaving links on q&a websites is the questions are more relavent and often these websites rank high on search engine queries. The only problem is you have to dig these websites for questions relavent to your website

How does make money. OLX.IN Review

OLX.IN is a free classified ads website. You can create free ads for any product or service you are sell or offer.

sponsored links and Featured Adds on their website which seem to be major money making sources for them.

Sponsored links are the links that are shown at the top in each categories which say "Sponsored Link"
These ads cannot be directly bought from OLX. You need to use google AdWords tool to buy this ad space.

Feature Ads are the ads which you can buy from OLX directly for around 10 $ or 4500 roughly. These ads are displayed just below the sponsored links and they look like the genuine search result if you are searching for ads on olx.

They are rotating ads and are sold on weekly basis.

They can also add email and mobile mediums to advertise. They can send you promotional SMS's or display ads in the emails.

Tips to increase Click through rate of the advertisments on your blog/website

** you can make your blog/website more reader friendly. white shaded background with black font is the best from my research. Duller white background makes the ads more eye catching.

**No links any where in the post/articles. Else the reader will be lead away to those links.

I learnt this mistake recently. Still working on implementing it. The only clickable things should be your ads

** ads to be placed where there is more chance to for the to be clicked, like just below/above the article heading.

** Concentrate on a single topic / niche rather writing unrelated articles. This is something i heard a lot.
I guess this is will make sure that the ads and the content have grater relevance.

** Try to get some US/UK visitors. The cpc from these visitors is more. Join some webmaster forums like Digitalpoint and become active on those forums. This will increase visitors.

** Write about something which attract non technical users. Meaning users who do not have a greater awareness about online advertisements. They will give you the highest clicks.

One Thing you should not Do:
Putting too many ads towards the top of the page/ in the header is a turnoff for visitors. Instead this space should use that Space to make our website logo look bigger and noticeble. So the user know where to
find the content again if he wants to come back

Pls share if you have any additional tips