How to chek if a website is safe and genuine

I always had a question if a website i am using for purchasing some item/service or subscribing for feeds/regular updates is safe to use.

So before i go ahead with using a website , i check the below info and would suggest the same to you

1. Check a few user reviews on google.

--->I just type the website name and type scam beside it. Like scam

This will give a lot of user reviews and you can get good idea about the website.

---> I again search for cheating or sucks on google and check about the website reputation.

2. Check out the macfee site report for the website at . You can type in the view site report box and check if its green and what are the websites thats its linked to. This will give you a clear picture as to what are the other websites it is related.

3. Check out website ranking to get an idea about the popularity of the website.

The above points should give a good idea about the website you are going to use.

Hope this helps. Leavee a comment if you need info or have inputs.

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