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From my past memory i remember that NIIT is a very credible institute which provides a these service. Earlier there was a program which would train students in all the top technologies and then would provide a placement service through their recruitment partners and they have Good base of companies who come to recruit at the NIIT.

I enquired today and i heard that they have discontinued the Earlier course which encompassed all the technologies. They now have two course types. One would cover the DOTNET domain and the other would cover the Java Domain. its a 4 month course with certification included and it would cost around 29000/-.

NIIT also provides SAP certification courses in partnership with SAP Labs.

NIIT is now an SAP partner and will be providing Long/short duration courses and also courses on new dimension products. They are also providing Online SAP Education programs.

This partnership means that NIIT has one more hot technology added to it broad Spectrum of course offerings and SAP is now deepening its roots in ASIA Pacific which is a growing market. SAP Education also contributes to SAP overall revenues.

NIIT phone number :040-66747796

I hope this helps the IT Job aspirants and the panicking parents of the freshers :)

I just checked the NIIT site and i found out that they operate in lot of countries apart from INDIA.
Some countries include China,USA,Ghana,Fiji, Zimbabwe, Iran. They don't seem to be having a branch in Pakistan though :).

Rajendra S Pawar,is Chairman and co-founder of the NIIT Group
NIIT - National institute of information Technology

Funny i never thought stock market analysis website like Money control would provide such detailed info. perhaps it provides company profiles of all the Companies listed on stock market.

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