helps you find discounts,offers, off sales going around in Indian Cites

There are a lot of websites like which offer discounted cupons/deals on food,beauty products/SPA and other commodities in Indian cities.

Dealies helps you keep track of all the websites like SNAPDEAL.COM which that provide different deals and offers.
Dealies lists all deals and discounts of all group buying websites filtered according to city and category. On this website you can also see the deals arranged by the number of “Likes” on Facebook.

It also allows visitors to can share their own experiences buying from the group buying websites.

Honestly i never knew of BuzzinTown, Deals and You, Koovs, Dealivore before i stumbled up on this site. is a good site to drop by once in a while just to keep track of all the offers going around in your city/town.

What is Group Buying :

Group Buying or collective buying. By leveraging the power of numbers (in customers) made easily possible through the Internet, Group Buying portals provide massive discounts to products of popular demand.
Deep, heavy discounts of up to 90%, for spas, restaurants, movie tickets, and many other interesting
things, are easily attained if a certain number of users purchase the deal. Group Buying websites
include SnapDeal, BuzzinTown, Deals and You, Koovs, Dealivore, etc. They offer deals and
discounts in all the big cities such as Mumbai, Banagalore, Delhi, Chennai, etc.

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This will also help you identify alternative in your city

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