Why India needs lookpal bill

Why India needs lookpal bill?

Because India already has the required government bodies like the CAG (Controller And Auditor General) of India which audits all the government earnings and expenditures and any irregularities in them and if the governments are misused or if the government has lost any money because of irregularity in the functioning of any government bodies.

But the CAG submits reports to Parliament and the government bodies PUBLIC ACCOUNTS COMMITTE and COMMITTE On PUBLIC UNDERTAKINGS that need to act on the CAG report. These bodies are appointed by Parliament and include members from Rajyasabha and Loksabha.

So you can obviously understand how transparent and impartial these appointed bodies will function. 

So having a Lookpal bill will in theory make the politicians accountable. Of course India can reap the benefits only if the implementation of Lokpal bill is done well.

And this is the reason why all political parties are uneasy with this bill.

But when it comes to increasing the salaries of MLAs/MPs the bill is passed unanimously. This is in one way a good thing because i am personally thinking of Politics as a career option since you can make good money even by being honest with the fat salaries and allowances the MLAs/MPs have.

Lokpal has the power to keep the politicians on their feet and remind them that they are accountable to the people of the nation.

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