pointing your blogger blog to a custome domain. Using Custome domain with blogger blog.

To Use Custome domain with blogger blog you need to do the below from your domain control panel.

Point your domains C Name  to be ghs.google.com.

Add below values under A record at your domain registrar.

The follow the below stepson Blogger.com

Go to setting of your blog as below.

Click on publishing tab.

Click on Switch to Custom domain

Click on Switch to advanced settings towards the right side of the screen if you already have a domain
You can buy a domain from here directly from  from a google partner for domain registrations. this will automatically redirect your domain to blogger without you making A record and C name changes

If you are using your own domain from a custom domain form a different registrar give the full name of the domain like www.mycustomedomain.com and save

In the next screen click redirect   XXX.com to www.XXX.com to make sure people who type xxx.com also get redirected to www.xxx.com hosted on blogger.

Make sure you make the A record and the C name changes correctly. Wait for a few hours for the changes to take affect. My preferred domain registrar is godaddy

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