Is facebook a good thing?

When I have joined facebook for the first time, I found it to be very interesting. I was able to contact my school friends, be in touch with them. I was able to chat with my friends in US regularly and know updates about them. Everything was good at the beginning.

Now I am literally addicted to facebook ( may be u call it a “facebook obsession”). I just check facebook when I wake up early in the morning, post updates, check for friends updates, comments, play games and chat with my friends. Off late I have made friends with some of the clothing and jewelery advertisers. And because of this I spend close to 2 hrs on facebook. Now, I suddenly felt, I have lost connection with the present world and just enjoying myself in the virtual world! I feel facebook may be good to be in contact with old friends but it is equally addictive and people tend to waste much of their valuable time checking the updates or thinking about them.

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