what is arjita seva? what are the different argita sevas?

what are the different arjita sevas and how much will they cost. Also will we get free darshan with them?

Arjita seva's are the seva/ Puja/ Rituals performed to Lord Venkateshwara.

There are two different types of sevas, One is the Sevas conducted daily and the other is the sevas which are performed only on a specific day(s) of the week. (weekly sevas)

Also among these seva's some are performed to the main daitey inside temple and others are performed to utsava murthy in different mandapam.

Below link will give you list of sevas:

You can check the availability of seva's and book tickets at below link:
At the bottom you can check the eseva availability icon. Click and chek the availability. You can also book accommodation here.
Quota will be released for future 90 days

All these seva's will have darshan included. But for sevaas performed to utsava murthy it will be generally 300 rs ticket line and some will be included in break darshan. The costly the seva the easy is the darsan after seva.

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what is arjita seva? what are the different argita sevas
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