The Satyamev Jayate Show Impact

Satyamev Jayate has taken up one of the most important issues of our time "The Dropping of the Female child in the Womb and the gender inequality and various other problems its creating.

The show has generated a lot of revenue for the producers and there has been a huge debate to the real intentions of the show and if it is really going to have any impact and if the issued discussed on the show will be forgotten in due course or any action will taken on this.

Aamir has successfully brought the burning issues to the attention of the Audience and to a huge audience through Doordarshan and many other regional channels along with Star Plus. So this makes people aware of the issues and there is fair chance of some of these issues going in to future election manifestos.

Even the News channels are discussing these isssues and hopefully something good will come out of it. If it wasnt for Amir's show most of us would not have know of these issues and i certainly woulnt have been aware of them.

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