Domain parking is dead. Domain parking review

Honestly Domain parking is dead. And domain buying and selling is not for par timers. It only pays if you take it up as a full time job.

Well I have been fascinated by the web for a couple of years now and have been lured in to domain buying and selling business. I have tried to buy and sell some fancy domains but didn't work. There are no greedy idiots on lookout for fancy domains and buy them at any cost. Honestly i thought there are such people when i first started buying domains.

The problem is a domain is not really worth unless it stands on its own for keyword and can get unique visits with users typing the domain name like or These sort of domains are all already taken

Domains which have more than 7 letters in them are worthless unless it closely relates to a famous website like a or . Since all these domains are already taken by the companies to protect their brands from misuse you cant find much use for them as well.

If you try to buy a domain like even if it waiting for you to be registered, how many people do you expect to type instead of facebook and land on your domain. even if they land how many click?  CPC is rare for domains CPM for domain parking pays a few cents.

I found one Indian domain name which closely resembles a brand and it got some traffic. it got some traffic but not enough to renew it. And i did not find any takers for the domain when i put it on sale because of legal problems.

SO only the domain parking companies and the registrars are the ones making money. Most parked domains don't reach the thresh hold limit of payment and if you buy up multiple domains and even get some payments on the long run you be loosing money as you will be loosing more money on buying domains from the payments you receive.

So my advise would be to stop dreaming about domain parking and if you really want to make some money out of your domain start a blog or a website on it and try using advertising on it.

If you still want to be a domainer all the best.

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3Wdirectory said...

This article saved me from Domain Parking idea & i started my own Web Directory.