How to promote your Blog/website, Get more traffic / visitors to websites/blogs

I have already written these simple steps in my earlier blog post Tips  for creating a successful blog and earning from it  but since most people are specifically looking for ways to promote their blog/website i rewrote part of it hear.

Use Online Discussion Forums:
Join online forums related your blog/website content, answer a few questions and leave your blog/website  links where relevant. This will bring lot of relevant traffic.

Try answering questions on yahoo answers which are related to your website content and leave a backlink. Dot put a link in every answer. Your answers can be deleted for spamming if you do that.

Update your profile/signature with your website:
put your blog/website link on you orkut,facebook,linkedin and other social networking profiles.

SHare your website / blog on social networks.
Share you Blog/website posts/links on twitter, facebook, Google Buzz. At the bottom of the blog post there are twitter, facebook, Google Buzz and Email icons through which you can instantly share your blog posts.. Click on them and you will be asked if you want to share the article. Login to the relevant account and share it.

You can also get this custome sharing icons at if you dont have these options on your blog/website.

Few more tips:

Get a friend to post your blog link on Digg and make friends on digg and ask them to check out ur link.

Add your website/blog to web directories in relevant categories.

Create a blog on blogger like say and start writing some unique articles related to your website. Blogger blogs are ofter indexed well and this can be a way of letting search engines know of new developments on your website.

Try creating videos for the services you provide and upload them to youtube. Or just create a short video with quality content and put your website brand in the bottom where it can be noticed. 

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